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I LOVE the name Freia!! Great room, too. :)

Freia's Cozy, Colorful Corner in the Master Bedroom Nursery Tour
7/18/14 10:51 AM

I absolutely freeze my extra tomatoes! Rinse, dry, and place on a tray in the freezer. Then, I use them in pasta sauce, soups, salsas, etc. FYI, I also let them sit on the counter for a bit to defrost before using. :)

Is It OK to Freeze Tomatoes? Good Questions
6/25/14 12:15 PM

Cute, tiny door on the shelf! Love the star and cloud pillows. :)

A Scandi-Style Nursery in Spain My Room
6/23/14 11:46 AM

Good, SHARP knives!

What Was Your Game-Changer of a Cooking Discovery? Reader Intelligence Request
6/23/14 11:37 AM

I was reading your post on the recipes you plan to use (the "list"), and noticed you said you'd freeze rice in individual portion sizes-- but since you're also concerned with freezer space... rice seems like it'd take up much needed room that could be used for more difficult, time consuming items to prepare.

A fairly inexpensive alternative might be a rice cooker? I got this one for Christmas ( ) and we use it ALL THE TIME!

You can use it to steam veggies, as well. You just put how ever many scoops of rice you'd like, using the provided cup, then add liquid to the corresponding line in the cooker. Most of the time we use some sort of stock or broth. Press start, and walk away! It automatically shuts off, then goes into warming mode when the rice is done.

Just another idea in case you start to run out of room, and need a plan B. :) Good luck!

Stock Up on Freezer Meals Week 4: Here's How I'm Going to Cook 60 Dinners in 6 Weeks Spring Projects from The Kitchn
4/24/14 12:54 PM

PS. When freezing chopped herbs, I'd suggest adding a bit of olive oil to the container keep them from turning brown. It will freeze and preserve the herbs. :)

Stock Up on Freezer Meals Week 3: Essential Freezer Equipment & Supplies Spring Projects from The Kitchn
4/17/14 02:11 PM

We also finely chop (and sometimes pulse in the food processor for a few seconds) veggies, herbs, garlic, etc. and freeze flat in quart bags. Then we can quickly add to sauces, soups, marinades, or anything, really! It's especially handy in the dead of winter or when our veggie garden yields a large amount of veggies all at once and we want to save some for later in the year. You can break off a corner, half, or the entire bag and toss it in whatever you're cooking... I highly recomend it!

Stock Up on Freezer Meals Week 3: Essential Freezer Equipment & Supplies Spring Projects from The Kitchn
4/17/14 02:08 PM

Such an inspiring and cheerful backyard and garden! I love the use of pallets for the compost bins!

Why I Garden: Aimée of Simple Bites Talks About Children, Chickens, & Her Homestead in Quebec Garden Tour
4/10/14 03:24 PM

LOVE this post! I'll be pre-making a few salads inspired from the post and the comments tonight, for the remainder of the week! I'm thinking 'healthy' buffalo chicken... mediterranean, summer fruit & goat cheese, and tex-mex taco salad. Hopefully I can keep the calories in check with portion control and minimizing the cheese/nuts/creamy dressings... And, great tip about storing the fruit in water! I'm already looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

Salad Swag: 3 Cures for the Common Salad Lunch Tips from The Kitchn
3/11/14 01:36 PM

GORGEOUS room!! This will be my inspiration for baby #2's nursery!! Great job, Sarah. :)

A Glam Gold and Grasscloth Nursery My Room
3/10/14 11:43 AM

I've had my eye on this gem for a while now...

Tools, Cookbooks & Other Resources for Using a Smoker? Good Questions
2/12/14 03:41 PM

Great bathroom! Love the clean and simple, but still unique and fun look.

Kim's Cure: The Bathroom Reveal & Finishing Touches Liveblogging the January Cure
1/30/14 12:23 PM