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The room looks so much more opulent now! The wall colour is very rich and elegant.

Before & After: A Bedroom Gets Finished With Fresh Paint and Flea Market Finds
5/21/14 05:06 AM

What a impressive job you have done! I have a similar project to tackle soon, This is great inspiration and reference for me!

Before & After: A Frumpy to Fabulous Reupholstered Couch Tranformation
4/17/14 07:48 AM

Really like the colour , It has really refreshed the piece! Great job!

Before & After: A Dressed-Up Dresser
2/4/14 04:02 PM

I love the colour and the shape of the Kara loveseat, really retro!

One Design, Two Budgets: A Soft & Subtle Modern Mix
2/3/14 05:09 AM

I am loving punches of yellow at the moment, using different tones of grey for base colours. It's really bright and refreshing!

Let The Sun Shine In: Little Bits of Yellow
2/1/14 01:24 PM

I think that the dark grey office alcove looks stunning! Practical and stylish.
Kate zucconi

For Your Inspiration Board: 10 Ideas for Defining Space with Colorblocked Walls
1/31/14 12:02 PM

These garages are a great idea. I hate clutter on work surfaces and things like microwaves I prefer hidden from view! Garages are ideal for things that are used often like toasters and food mixers which need to be accessible, but not left out on display all the time!

Clear Counter Clutter: 10 Inspiring Appliance Garages
1/30/14 06:58 AM