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Having a dishwasher is great, I'm not going to lie. However, there are still lots of things that don't go in so doing the dishes never really goes away. If I had to give up any appliance the dishwasher would be the one to go.

I like seeing my progress and enjoying the scent of Ivory dishsoap. I'm inspired here to branch out and spend a little extra for some nicer soap - Stonewall Kitchen makes some great scents. Weirdly, its a little time with myself that I don't get otherwise either, so I never really mind doing dishes. And everyone knows that the best part of any party is the chatter during the group cleanup!

How Can I Make Hand-Washing Dishes Faster & More Fun? Good Questions
7/21/14 01:07 PM

We focused on lovely food that would appeal to everyone instead of our favorites - that was for the honeymoon!! We had serving stations, with a chef at each making individual portions of lobster ravioli, a beef round carving station, a massive crudite selection and one other one -- ha! can't remember now -- but my favorite part was that the guest moved around, mixed and mingled instead of remaining seated and being served.

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5/14/14 09:07 AM

Quality facial and eye lotions

Tell Us: What Do You Splurge on Even When You're Scrimping?
5/13/14 01:54 PM

I like that it has a cohesive personality and that it looks like it evolved over time. It has that 'we actually live here' look vs 'the I just went to every store I could think of to furnish my pristine room' look. I really don't like the overthought and Pinterest-y museum look at all.

The Look for Less: Jessica & Scott's Breakfast Nook on a Budget
5/7/14 01:21 PM

Frank Lloyd Wright.

So much of this is midcentury, it would be nice to see other styles and concepts too.

Congratulations!! 8 Most Famous American Designers Quiz
4/28/14 01:08 PM

I think the one for the closet is actually a Lazy Shoe-zin.

Best of the Lazy Susans... Er... The Busy Susans!
4/14/14 12:38 PM

I am amazed at what she has accomplished in one year! Did I miss the source for the grey shower curtain?

Maggie's Cutest House in Georgetown House Tour
2/27/14 12:38 PM

Yes! The rug, the rug, tell us about the rug! How big is it and where did you find it?

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1/29/14 12:58 PM