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I purchased a few wooden crates last summer and finally found a purpose for them. I sprayed them with a oil rubbed bronze from rustoleum and hung 2 of them on either side of my tv they fill the empty space between the tv and the wall quite nicely the color gives a nice contrast against our wall and they are the perfect size to hold our dvd collection and allow enough space between the crates to put a few items on top. The condo we live in was purchased with the intent of becoming an income property when we want something bigger in a few years so our living room has been the one area I have splurged a bit to make it more live-able in the interim. I would love to write a post about what we've done and what we plan to do!!!!

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3/31/14 01:15 PM

I understand the ethos of the "Green" movement however being in the textile industry I know that even the "green" materials undergo environmentally unfriendly manufacturing practices. With that said I'll stick to the $2 plastic liners from walmart and just change them out twice a year and be done with it. However the beeswax sounds like a great idea but if you ever have to wash it you might as well call it a day when you heatset the beeswax into the fibers

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2/11/14 10:18 AM

we have a utility room off our mud room with our water heater and furnace, I put a couple of theses up in that room and at the top I put a standard wire shelf, the added benefit is in the winter it is the warmest room in the house due to the furnace so all of our boots and jackets dry really quick and are warm when its time to venture out into the cold

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2/10/14 08:02 AM

I've read countless post on how easy it is to remove with a steamer and a putty knife, I own a condo that was built in the early 80s and there is popcorn ceilings in every room, I absolutely HATE it but I haven't had the courage to tackle the job of taking it all down

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2/10/14 07:52 AM

going to be scrounging craigslist to track one of these down I could use a new table for my back deck

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2/7/14 12:40 PM

Great ideas, here's another one, in November 2012 my grandfather passed away after losing a battle to cancer. My aunt whom is very handy with a sewing machine took all of his old t-shirts and crafted teddy bears our of them for all of the grandchildren (30-some odd of us) and great-grandchildren (another 20 or so) and gave them all out at our family Christmas gathering this past Christmas. It was overwhelmingly emotional, especially when we found that she had taken them straight from his dresser, some of them coming from my grandparents seasonal campground, all of the stains and imperfections of a lifetimes worth of hard work adding to the individual character of each bear. Its amazing how strong the connection between scent and memory is, I swear the one I got I can smell the campfire and cologne. (sorry for such a long winded post)

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2/6/14 12:39 PM

Thank you!!!

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2/4/14 03:28 PM

My daughter is 19 months now and she loves helping to clean up. We recently got a huge toy box (a give from my parents, this one to be exact stained to match our existing furniture and chalkboard for the top) she haphazardly pulls out toys and makes a mess of our living room/office/playroom (its a small condo) but the second I say "Ok lets clean up" she rushes around putting everything back in the toy box.

She loves to help me cook and even when she was only a few months old I would take
her outside and put her high chair in view of our grill so she could watch me cook.

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2/4/14 03:21 PM

Its a shame that that awesome Rube Goldberg wall art didn't survive, I would love to have that over my desk

Before and After: Small Office Space Turned Reading Nook
2/4/14 10:57 AM

the kitchen in the picture is so dated that its actually quite charming, I wish I could find a way to love my mid 80's disaster of a kitchen

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2/4/14 10:53 AM

this would be a great camp for the occasional weekend away but no plumbing/running water is a deal breaker. I could live off limited electricity and limited space but not being able to take a hot shower on a daily basis wouldn't work for me, damn hippies (I mean that in a positive way)

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2/3/14 03:14 PM

I saw this posted on a while back and gave it a shot, the hooks I used didn't hold well enough and the first time I opened the door I lost 2 lids (both glass) that fell and shattered on my tile floor. Tread lightly with this idea

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2/3/14 08:57 AM

Our cat was the worst but we don't have him anymore our dog is a APBT and doesn't have much hair to begin with but other than regular vacuuming and sweeping I just don't let it get to me. Pet hair is part of having a pet and the idea of leather being better is a bad idea, between leather getting clawed up and or chewed up I'll still to regular upholstery and I make a point of steam cleaning the couch every so often to keep it fresh.

But with a 18 mo old daughter and a 2 year old pooch, I've just succumb to the fact that I will constantly live in a state of disarray and I've come to find that it brings and honest charm to our small 2 bedroom condo.

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1/30/14 12:46 PM

For all natural cleaning products I have repurposed and old container into a shaker and filled it with baking soda and have a spray bottle of vinegar. It is my go to cleaning solution for everything from spilled juice to the occasional pet mess to cleaning the occasional burnt cooking experiment from my glass top stove. It eliminates odor, lifts stains and has yet to fail against anything my 2 year old daughter and my 60lb pitbull can throw at me. Plus its safe for the baby and the pooch.

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