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I always freeze halved, peeled bananas when they're too ripe to eat raw. Then I combine the frozen banana with a handful of frozen chopped Trader Joes kale or spinach and whatever else I have on hand that day (baby carrots, blueberries, almond or coconut milk). Easy, yummy, healthy. Thick and frozen for a hot summer day.

How I Freeze Smoothie Ingredients in Individual Serving Bags Tips from The Kitchn
7/6/14 10:53 AM

I have some of the "Feeling Groovy" lyrics going up my stairs. They're decals so when this whole trend passes and I'm over it, I could easily remove them. But for now, everytime I see them, I get that song in my head and you just can't hear that song without feeling happy.

Sing a Song: Song Lyrics in Kids Decor
6/5/14 09:17 AM

I see a dove grey sofa sitting on that rug.

Love This Rug! Ideas for Curtains and Upholstery? Good Questions
6/2/14 10:24 AM

I cut them into wedges and freeze them. Now, my cocktails are never without without a lime. I use them this way constantly. Also for a nice squirt of juice in my recipes. A few seconds in the micro to thaw out and VOILA!

What Do I Do With 2 Bags of Limes? Good Questions
5/28/14 08:28 PM

I love that idea. Will keep it in mind for when my time comes.

How To Move Long Distances with Plants
5/28/14 11:06 AM


Before & After: A Mid-C Table Gets Mad Men Worthy
5/23/14 02:29 PM

Everything else-perfect.

Before & After: An Outdated Master Bathroom Goes from Maroon to Modern!
5/19/14 08:45 AM

Gorgeous, but why the gold/brass fixture in the tub? Everything-perfect.

Before & After: An Outdated Master Bathroom Goes from Maroon to Modern!
5/19/14 08:45 AM

Everything in my home is brand new except for 1lamp and a day bed. My ex husband and I decided to divorce in 2011. He finally moved out of what is now MY house in 2012. I wanted nothing from my former unhappy, complacent life. What I didn't give him to take with him I either sold, donated or threw out. It's taken over two years of carefully buying things little by little (for financial reasons), but I am pretty much done . The oldest thing from my new happy life? A toss pillow I came across one day before he'd even moved out. It was yellow and white and simply said HAPPY. I bought it and stashed it, waiting for THE DAY. It's now front and center on my new bed.

What Home Item Have You Had the Longest? (And What Is Its Story?)
5/4/14 08:33 AM

It looks cool in a magazine, but I don't think it would work in reality. It doesn't seem like it would give off sufficient light. It reminds me of those dim bulbs you see in movie cheap motels right before the crime.

Trend Spotting: Wall-Mounted Lamps in Place of Chandeliers in the Dining Room
5/2/14 04:22 PM

Stunning. It even makes the hardware look better. But I have to disagree with others, I love it against the white walls. I like the floating effect.

Before & After: Dull Door Gets Dressed Up DIY-Style
5/2/14 11:53 AM

Just say no

Polite Salt & Pepper Shakers by David Shrigley
4/29/14 01:30 PM

How on earth is this polite? Wow, I'm blown away by how off the charts your endorsement of this item is. Boo, hiss.......

Polite Salt & Pepper Shakers by David Shrigley
4/29/14 10:35 AM

Love this idea.

DIY Room Decor: Vintage Fisher Price Art
4/24/14 03:46 PM

I like the idea in theory, but there is so much pattern and merchandising on the shelves that I think it looks cluttered. Agree also that it looks a bit "kitchen-y". Love the artwork, Matisse?

Before & After: Boring Wall in a Rental Gets Welcome Burst of Pattern
4/24/14 03:43 PM

Command hooks... They are removable and come in nice finishes, not just plastic. Since your curtains are lace, they should be lightweight enough.

Ways To Hang Curtains without Installing Hardware? Good Questions
2/10/14 10:05 AM

Since your backsplash is such a small part of that wall, I would try to unify the whole wall by matching the paint color to the backsplash. Then I would make that the accent wall and either leave the rest of the room white or paint it another soft color, depending on the feel you're going for. I would also paint the wood trim. It looks unfinished in the photo.

Paint Color Suggestions for My Kitchen? Good Questions
1/30/14 08:50 AM

I think a dark neutral would be striking, for example a chocolate brown or charcoal gray.

Suggestions for Paint Color or Removable Wallpaper for Gallery Wall? Good Questions
1/28/14 08:50 AM