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I want a revised version of this tour with Valorie posing in every room, wearing a different outfit from that incredible closet in each photo!

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/5/14 10:40 AM

I absolutely LOVE the New Orleans Warehouse District! I would have made the same decision to downsize and take advantage of such a unique area. Beautiful art collection.

Matilde & Gustavo's Arts District Apartment House Tour
5/16/14 02:18 PM

That mouse door made me exceptionally happy, thank you. :)

WORK Lab's Vintage Eclectic Workspace Workspace Tour
5/13/14 03:05 PM

BLACK WALLS! I would totally try the black and white, high drama thing in here.

Color Ideas to Work with 1960s Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
5/9/14 12:12 PM

I guarantee none of the toys at my childhood daycare, or the ones in the waiting room of my pediatricians office for that matter, were "correctly" sanitized 100% of the time either. It will be ok. I like this idea.

The Genius of Toy Libraries Small Space Solutions
4/7/14 06:49 PM

These people need a cat. They feel like cat people to me. :)
I actually like the dark wood along with this color pallette, whereas I typically don't like that dark of a stain.

Isaac and Florence's Eclectic Zen-Inspired Apartment House Tour
4/4/14 02:23 PM

This gives me an idea for wall art! A white bed sheet cut to make a "tapestry"....hmmm...The article doesn't specify a particular fabric. I assume a decent cotton sheet would work well? Oh! Or I could do this for a window valance in the kitchen! Now I'm all excited.... :)

DIY Project Idea How To Tie Dye Napkins with Permanent Markers Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/13/14 02:15 PM

I am not allowed to paint in my apartment, but I have practiced similar restraint and patience with my decor choices. I spent a few months staying with friends while I was hunting for my new apartment. During that time, I had to fight the urge to buy and hoard decor items and accessories while I was waiting to move in. I knew I really needed to be there living in the space to make the best choices. I'm glad I have taken it slow and gradually layered in things I really love.

The One Thing Almost Everyone Gets Wrong When Moving Into a New Home
3/13/14 02:08 PM

Does your complex have a common area where the mailboxes are? Ask the management if you can install a bulletin board (DIY it and make it attractive). Advertize a Facebook page for your new community group, see who joins, then discuss activities/events there. Some people like annonymity and don't really care to get to know their neighbors. The ones who do share your desire for a community that stays connected will join and participate. Game nights, events connected to local arts organizations or animal rescue groups, and potlucks might be fun. Those Bunko fans always seem to have a good time! ;)

Ideas for Building Community at Large Condo Complex? Good Questions
2/5/14 02:53 PM

This would make a really cool movie set. I like when people challenge tradition and mix styles that, according to most, don't "belong" together. Somebody write a script around this place.

An Unexpected & Divine Paris Apartment Yatzer
1/31/14 04:40 PM

I'm so glad so many of you find it all I need to do is scrape together $11.7 million and I should have no competition in line to buy it! ;-)

Obviously a new owner could add their personal belongings and art, and this would be an AMAZING place to call home.

Cow Hollow Home Gets a Pro Makeover House Tour
1/31/14 01:51 PM

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the title of this post. This Metairie girl most definitely approves! I hope this means more tours will be coming from my hometown in the future. Thank you for sharing!

Everyone is of course entitled to their own emotions and reactions to the Katrina art. Personally, I loved them and never felt offended looking at them. To me they are moving, beautiful, creative, and displayed in love of a great city that suffered loss.

Honestly, though, I noticed the K&B drug store ads more than anything else. Good memories, and big smiles from this tour. Save a spot of the patio for me, yall! :)

Thomas and Mitchell's Bougie Boho Style House Tour
1/27/14 03:59 PM