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We've had lots of friends come to NYC from Australia (where I'm from) and the flight, door-to-door, is about 24 hours, so you can assume they will be exhausted and feeling grimy.

Apart from the basics such as towels, etc, I always ask in advance for a list of groceries they'd like to see in the pantry/fridge when they get there (their kids' favorites, for example). It's always appreciated.

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4/1/14 03:23 PM

@LyonStill. Yes, I'm wondering why they would remove the most unique-looking part of the piece. The 'after' is very generic and looks like it could be plastic.

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2/27/14 10:06 AM

Me too! I stained them and they look great. Perfect height, and great size drawers for books, etc.

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2/14/14 02:52 PM

Love this place! Have you considered removing the paint from the transom windows? It would allow even more light through and make the ceilings seem higher, I imagine.

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1/27/14 12:15 PM