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I really enjoy this list, but I do have to say something.. As far as plants go, there aren't a lot that i would be comfortable having around our cats. Our *four* cats, that is. So we have fake plants. It's not ideal but it gives us the look of plants, makes us happy and doesn't hurt our cats. We don't get the benefits of real plants, but we don't get the negatives either. :)

12 Things Every Home Should Have
1/28/14 02:43 PM

We usually have enough at a time that we have to sort it somehow so we might as well do it by type. (IE pants, sheets, towels, etc...) But if we aren't doing all of our laundry and we're just doing my husband's nice work clothing, we just throw his pants, shirts, socks and skivvies into the wash at the same time and then throw them into the dryer. Same goes for everything we own. If we need to wash twelve things, all go in the same wash, if we need to wash fifty, we sort them, but they all just go through a normal wash at the laundromat and then a normal drying cycle.

Are You a Laundry Rule Breaker?
1/27/14 09:51 AM