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a "nice" trellis was what I meant to type.

How Can I Add Interest To \"Blank\" Side of House? Good Questions
7/31/14 01:52 AM

Congratulations!!! Maine! I love that state! Lived in Kittery for a while & did my fair share of swimming off Seapoint Beach. And riding my bicycle in the summers up to York Harbor & Nubble Light....Oooh, but those winters... cold. Hence, small windows to keep the draft out. You say you are planning to build a garage on that side of the house in a few years so you don't want to do anything permanent. I'd suggest getting on that garage project as soon as possible! Meanwhile, I'd put shutters on the side windows, an awing over the side door (which I'd bet money probably opens into the kitchen), and attach a false window on that blank area just to balance it all out. Make it round, oval, or octagon shaped just to break it up & make it a point of interest. A nive trellis, as someone else suggested, on that wall space between the side door & the back corner of the house. Later, maybe before your second winter (!) consider building your attached garage with the extra room above (I think they are referred to as "bonus rooms". Since you can't plant trees there, because of the future garage, maybe you could paint the images of coniferous trees & shrubbery on the wall? Just please don't paint a large American Flag or a Giant lobster or the statement: "Shut Down Seabrook!" as what was typical when I lived in Maine. Enjoy your new home. if you don't already have one get a wood burning stove & prepare to cuddle down for the winter! Congrats!!!

How Can I Add Interest To \"Blank\" Side of House? Good Questions
7/31/14 01:51 AM

I'm with Khat on the "dead animals hanging on the walls" issue. Why does anyone still think glorifying the murder of animals by hanging their heads on a wall is "decor"? It would be like if I shot someone's mother then hung her head on my wall & used her skin as a rug on my floor! I'd most likely go to prison if not an insane asylum! So why do people think it's "decor" or an "accent piece" to hang a murdered deer head on the wall? Arrrgh!!! On another note: that photo with the gigantic mirror against the wall in front of the glass desk is a big too creepy. A large mirror hanging on a wall to reflect light is one thing. A large mirror on the floor propped against the wall in a bedroom or dressing area is acceptable too. But, to sit at a desk & have a larger than life size mirror reflecting yourself is a bit odd. I don't think that would make the room feel bigger. It would actually feel smaller as all you'd ever see was yourself!!! My trick to make rooms seem bigger is to take out any piece of furniture that isn't utilized. And get things off the floor that don't need to be there. I know a lot of people who are into having a lot of those cute catch-all baskets filled with magazines, or ceramic urns & pedestals on the floor filled with dried grass & such, or stacks of books on the floor. Nothing should be on the floor that doesn't belong there. And take out little area carpets, too. (If your feet are chilly wear house slippers) Most people in the US have MORE than enough living space, but they seem to think that every square foot should be filled with STUFF! And be realistic- glass tables & shelves look fine if you are willing to dust them regularly. Because if you don't they end up looking even MORE dusty, streaky, & dirty than just plain painted or wood grain furniture. Also, glass table tops in the bright sunlight end up reflecting that sunlight right into your eyes! Simple unfussy easy to clean furniture is what looks best.

8 Sneaky Ways to Create the Illusion of More Space
7/31/14 01:15 AM

I like to juice the purple carrots with apples. Yummy!!!

Why Carrots Are Orange and Not Purple Food History
7/30/14 03:36 AM

Soda cans in the shower? I can "sort of" understand being too dumb to know not to put pads in the toilet if maybe the person is like 5 years old... but who drinks soda in the shower? Freaks do I suppose! It's interesting to note that most of us who come from "south of the border", no matter what negative things are said about us behind our "wet backs", don't even flush toilet paper down the toilet! The habit is hard to break when one comes from a place that has poor or no plumbing & even worse water/waste treatment facilities. Here in the US everyone has these amazing toilets- some I've seen are almost like sculpted works of art. And everyone has water that has power to flush everything away through pipes that carry it all away to a place that separates turds & paper from the pee that gets turned into drinkable water!!! That is incredible! And meanwhile everyone complains about cleaning the bathroom. I don't understand that! Everyone has a bathroom!!! I'm so grateful to have a toilet to clean! And the shower? LOVE it!!! I am happy to clean the shower! It has clean water (hot water!) that comes out all the time! It is a marvel to live here in the US! (And why on earth would someone have sex on a bathroom sink when it is much more comfortable to do that in the bed?! Or even the couch! But in the bathroom?) People are weird. LOL!

10 Questions to Ask Your Next Roommate Before Moving In
7/28/14 09:07 PM

The point of my snideness was that the first thing people do is send out the warning cry: "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!" which, in most scenarios, is so silly to me it makes me want to cry. I mean, really, are people in the US THAT stupid & THAT afraid of germs, splinters, & boo-boos that EVERYTHING needs to come with a warning label? I believe that most people have common sense about real hazards. (Those adults who don't, like the ones who stand on metal ladders in a puddle of water while changing a light fixture... well, that's what is known as "survival of the fittest" anyway). A grown adult who has the mental capacity to go to work every day & earn enough money to pay their rent or mortgage, who has the imagination to think outside the box & decides to pull the door off the hinges of an underused closet & push their bed up into it for extra bedroom floor space is not going to die! They will probably suffer more harm by getting a splinter when removing the door than they will from sleeping in their new "sleeping alcove". And most parents who are removing the door from their bedroom closet to convert it into a (temporary) "nursery alcove" are sleeping in the same room as the baby anyway. So the "firemen overlook[ing] your child" issue is covered- because the parents are in the same room. (Most kids who are injured or die in house fires had been sleeping in their own "normal" bedrooms in their own beds or tried to "hide" from the fire in their closet. And, yes, firefighters DO check ALL closets for this very reason. I worked as a volunteer EMT with a fire department so I know that.) It just seems to me that more & more every design idea posted comes with more & more warnings from readers about how a pallet will creep into your room & murder you in your sleep, or a tree swing made from an wooden crate will crack your kid's scull open because the branch will break, or a bunk bed will bite off your child's face, or a flagstone walkway made from reclaimed flagstone will rip your grandmother's leg off, or a door-turned-office desk will decapitate your dog.... Or a feather, found on a walk through a city park, will prompt the CIA to make up a cot for you in Guantanamo! The warnings posted by readers are becoming more & more predictable that they have become not so much warnings but fodder for a stand up comedy act! I'd call for a "drum roll, please!, but I read somewhere that billions of people are killed every day from drums rolling over them & bursting their spleens!

Tips From Our Tours: Creating Private Space in Studios or Lofts
7/28/14 03:35 PM

Love them pom poms!!!! Nice job! Just wish we could have lawn umbrellas like these. Was given three of them(!) by people who bought new (read: not faded!) ones. All three were destroyed within the first few weeks of living in our new house from sudden strong winds that came up without warning!!! Yikes! I was sitting at the round metal (heavy) table when the first went over, snapping the wooden pole in half, & taking the table & me over with it as well. I was so bummed because I really liked the style of that one. The next two came to similar demises- the second one blew over & snapped in half just as we were setting up for a back patio party & the third when we decided to take our morning coffee outside. Good grief! Now, no more large umbrellas for us! We've decided that our house is the place where large umbrellas go to commit suicide! LOL!

Before & After: Faded Outdoor Umbrella Sees The Light of Day
7/28/14 01:17 PM

Oh, everyone wrote the same ideas I was going to suggest!!! Yay! Everyone is on the same page!!! Bird cages work great & look super darn cute as well. Spray paint them different colors to match your decor sense. Go for different heights. In tall ones don't just plunk down one tall plant. I've made 3 & 5-tiered stands with old chipped plates & metal dowels (or you could use those table stands for cute little cookies & pastries (forget what they are called) & put them in tall cages for different size plant heights. Also, one time I found an old dented metal dog crate (one of those 4 x 5' deals with the latched door). I spray painted it red, put a piece of frosted glass on the top & it worked great as a combo coffee table-plant cage!!! Looked awesome and kept my cats at bay!!! Everyone commented on how cute it was. And it saved something pulled out of a dumpster from heading for the landfill! We don't have cats anymore but my hubby, who is major into plants, still finds old bird & small pet cages at garage sales or thrift stores. He spray paints them & puts his smaller plants in them, scattered amongst the larger plants & the plants under "bell jars", just for the "look".

My Cats Are Eating My Succulents! Help? Good Questions
7/28/14 01:10 PM

Just waiting for the comments about going to jail over the feather in the first photo.
Just waiting for the comments about building/fire code fines & babies being taken away by child protective services over the bed in the closet in the seventh photo. (which, by the way, has both a door AND a window so would qualify as a "room" by most standards of landlord greed!)
C'mon folks, don't let me down!

Tips From Our Tours: Creating Private Space in Studios or Lofts
7/28/14 12:54 PM

What the heck is that kid in the photo doing? Cleaning out his belly button lint? That photo is freaky. THAT is chore for room mates? Whoa. Times had sure changed since I had room mates!

Equal Cleaning For All: Tips For Splitting Chores With Roommates Renters Solutions
7/27/14 08:56 PM

Regret- Years ago I moved into an AWESOME 2nd floor loft space in center city Philly. 18' high ceilings with exposed beams, exposed brick wall & fireplace at one end, roof top balcony space that was accessed by a round metal staircase, sky lights, stained glass in the interior doors, floor to ceiling windows along two walls facing the west & north, cool sleeping loft accessed by amazing staircase, wide floor boards, claw foot bath tub, 1,200 sq ft.... ahhh so awesome!!! What's the regret? That I didn't pull back & look under those "oriental" carpets that were scattered everywhere. The landlord said I could keep them or he could put down "wall to wall" carpeting if I didn't like them. "Oh, but I love those carpets!" I squealed. And I regret not turning on the taps in that beautiful claw foot tub when I was checking the place out. The day after I moved in the landlord was up pounding on the front door. He said "You can't use the shower because it leaks into my apartment below!" When was he planning to get it fixed? Oh, he was leaving for a few weeks on a vacation & had no time. I'd have to go use a friend's shower until he returned. WTF! Later I rolled up the carpets to take them outside for a cleaning & discovered the HUGE gaps, holes really, between the floor boards that had been covered with pieces of cardboard & allowed me to see, if not eventually fall, into his apartment below! I was SO broken hearted that this awesome place had such MAJOR damage! Funny way the story ends- When I rolled back the carpets I could see directly onto his dining table below & laying on the table was my un-cashed check! So I got a bunch of the longest wooden dowels I could find from my art supplies, duct-taped them together & old school-style, with a wad of duct tape on the end, eased that "fishing rod" contraption down through the board gaps & stabbed my un-cashed check off his table! Eased it up through the gap with the assistance of an unfolded paper clip! This was pre-MacGyver days, folks! LOL! Moved out a few days later without ever seeing the landlord again! He must have been shocked when he returned to discover I had moved out & was probably puzzling over the disappearance of the check!!! (since then I always flush the toilets & ran the water in places I am looking at to rent! I also bring a light bulb for those times when flicking the switch does not produce light & the potential landlord says "oh, that's just a burned out bulb". 9 times out of it is. But that 10th time is the time I can find out right then & there, with my handy light bulb, that the electric doesn't work properly. Also, open & shut every window & door!)

What's Been Your Biggest Rental Regret?
7/27/14 08:49 PM

Well, the first thing that needed to go were those horrible dust collectors over the windows! Replaced with normal curtains & off to a great start. And a fabulous finish! A really nice job. Love the "pin striping" around the sky lights!

Before & After: A Breakfast Nook Gets a Bold Blue Look Under $600 Professional Project
7/27/14 08:11 PM

There are two factors that are VERY important regarding room/house mates that should have been initially addressed and that is- there is a BIG difference between you having a person move into YOUR place or if you are moving into THEIR place. This makes a huge difference in how YOU are going to deal with various issues. If you are moving into their place they will grill you on the usual stuff- if you have a job, savings (in case you lose job), pets, smoking, dietary, music/tv volumes, etc. And if they are moving into your place you will be asking them the same questions. However, to whom the place belongs changes dynamics of the home. The person who is inviting someone to live in their home (whether stranger or best friend) may find themselves avoiding going home because they can't stand the person who they now want to throw out but fear that person may never want to leave! On the other hand, the person moving into an already established household will need to bend to the current customs of the home of course. But the person moving into a place is at a certain disadvantage in that if it doesn't work out that person will need to move out & start all over- and sometimes in a hurry! My worst house mate experience was from my renting a room in a house of a woman I knew from mutual friends. She knew I was looking for a place to rent & offered a room in her house. The day I went to see the place everything was great. The house was tidy, quiet, rural area, cute dog in the yard. My room was off the kitchen by the main door. She knew I worked late hours & said that it would be perfect so I wouldn't disturb her or her young teenage daughter who had their rooms on the other side of the house. I gave her the money for 3 months up front & moved in the next day. A week later I came home to my room turned upside down, my stuff strewn out onto the lawn, & an extremely surly teenage boy boiling mad on the couch. He just returned home from living with his dad in another state (after first being kicked out of mom's house & subsequently dad's) & found mom had rented out "his" room. After a lot of back & forth mom agreed to let him live in HER bedroom & she moved out into the living room. She slept late so was always on the couch & everyone had to tip toe in the morning in the kitchen to avoid waking her. Of course in the evening she'd be camped on her couch which meant the living room was now her bedroom so I had no more access to the living room (but when I moved in the deal was that I would be able to use part of the living room as a member of the household). Along with this was the fact that there were now 2 surly teenagers & their surly friends camped out in the living room & kitchen day & night when mom wasn't home. And they were eating my food, drinking from my juice containers, using my dishes & leaving them dirty all over the house (in the kitchen I had my own cupboard to store my dishes & food but now they seemed to think what was mine was theirs). One day I went into the bathroom & the son had used my bath towel to wipe mud & grease off his boots &then tossed my towel on the floor like a rag. I came in one day & he had put his sneakers on my cutting board (!) that I kept on the small piece of counter space allotted me. The sweet quiet 14 yr old teenage daughter was now bringing in 18 yr old boys for sex in her bedroom. When mom found out I knew she got mad at ME for not saying anything. Told her I learned my lesson after the time she got mad at me when I told her about her son & his friends smoking pot in the house. She had told me to mind my own business when it came to how she raised her kids so I figured to stay out of it when her daughter was having sex during the day when she was home "sick" from school. The house devolved into a pig sty & that is an insult to pigs. And the cute backyard with the cute dog was now a mine field of dog turds that 2 teenagers found was beneath them to clean up. One day mom came home & I spot my grandmother's necklace on her throat. She quickly said "Oh, I borrowed this & forgot to return it". She had been going through my personal things in my room while I was out & "borrowed" my grandmother's antique jewelry!?! The final straw was when her son stole my car in the middle of the night & drove it in a high speed chase with the cops into a 4' deep ditch of water. Mom got mad at ME when I told the cops I wanted to press charges & she threatened, in front of the cops, to kill me. A few hours later, when I was packing my stuff in a hurry with a friend helping with his van, she burst into my room & punched me for "ruining" her life! So I pressed charges against her as well. That was the most hellish MONTH of my life! It's scary having someone move into your place. But it can be just as scary moving into someone else's house! Because what you see in the beginning, when they've cleaned up, baked cookies, & prepared for your first visit, may not be how they really live! And now you are stuck having to move out after no sleep, calling out from your job, & having the tow company pull your smashed car out of a ditch of water. That was the LAST time I ever had a room mate. I didn't even live with my husband before we got married. We got married, continued to live in our separate places, & looked together for a place to move into. I will never again live with someone who doesn't have a vested interest in me & my life, & who doesn't have any reason to respect me or my possessions. And you can win a lot more in court against the person if they are your spouse rather than against a flaky single mom of 2 horrible teenagers (and of course she quickly became the full time caretaker grandmother when her daughter quickly got pregnant & dropped out of school). I could write a book.

10 Questions to Ask Your Next Roommate Before Moving In
7/27/14 08:00 PM

Right on, msmla! All the worrying & fretting over the "what ifs" keeps the parents from enjoying the "what IS". Parenting is way more natural than driving a fuel-propelled tin can in mad house traffic to a job that gives one ulcers- so why turn parenthood into just one more stress filled obligation! The companies manufacture baby monitors & such to convince mothers that every waking moment of their child's life is rife with dangers. Now moms are all in a tizzy so the mental health industry is manufacturing drugs to calm everyone down & cable TV convinces you to lay on the couch all night & catch the latest episode of whatever the hell is a Kardashian & who she's doing (but you can still keep an eye on the baby at the same time with the latest monitoring device!). Then one night everyone looks down at the bowl of spicy wings setting atop their bloated bellies & suddenly there's a soft drink commercial extolling the virtues of their latest even MORE caffeinated beverage to get people up off their lazy butts & move! But all that caffeine gives you an unwanted Jolt of a heart attack & next thing you barely know there's your kid leaning over the hospital monitors that are keeping track of your slowing slipping away vitals. You were too busy staring at baby monitors & television news casts telling you that life is a dangerous place to live that you never had the chance to really enjoy your children as the beings they are. The kids pat your hand & listen to your fading breath. Then they go & tweet all the details to everyone they know. Seems a sadly ironic way to live ones life.

Baby Monitoring: How Much Is Too Much?
7/24/14 08:40 PM

Well, if people are using "new/crafting" pallets then they can't be considered Recycled. that's just like buying new lumber from the hardware store that's in the shape of a pallet. Recycled or re-purposed is supposed to be about not making more stuff to fill landfills but reusing what is out there already. If this table is actually made from a "new" pallet then I am not impressed.

Before & After: Recycled Pallet Pops With New Purpose Instructables
7/24/14 02:09 PM

What sort of crime did that baby commit that he needs to be on HOUSE ARREST??!!! Whoa, these criminals are getting younger & younger every day!!! (maybe I should read the article. maybe this isn't a mug shot of a Tot Terror & it's something about overprotective helicopter parents taken to the extreme)

Baby Monitoring: How Much Is Too Much?
7/24/14 01:27 PM

3-2-1.... waiting for the "pallets will kill you" comments. C'mon people, don't let me down!

Before & After: Recycled Pallet Pops With New Purpose Instructables
7/24/14 01:25 PM

LOL! Love that- when your mom thinks it's cool, that's when the trend is over! And when GRANDMA says everyone at her senior center is "hip" to it then it's really time to move on! (thanks for the laugh adora!!!)

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/24/14 01:22 PM

Why is the kid allowed to stand on a chair- and with shoes on!- in a house all anal about the place settings? Just wondering.
Anyway, different cultures & different countries (with differences even within that country) have different utensils customs. All this would look like a joke in a place like Ethiopia for example.
These look pretty. But fussy!

How To Set The Table Properly
7/22/14 12:43 AM

For some of the lighter weight things- like paper towel holders, craft ribbon holders, lightweight curtains, cutting board dividers- sure tension rods work great. But the heavier items- like the plant holder, or the plates with fruit (thought those planters are cute!!!), or any heavy curtains- I totally wouldn't trust them. I've tried 3 different brands of tension rods just for my shower curtain with disastrous results (once the Martha Stewart brand fell on my head while I was stepping out of the shower & knocked me down because the curtain fell off on me & tangled me up causing me to really take a tangled spill- quite a sight for hubby to respond to! I cringe whenever I see that woman now! LOL!). I've used shorter tension rods for those little curtains & even the paper towel holder but i will never trust the longer (and supposedly more sturdier) ones ever again.

15+ Uses for Tension Rods You've Never Thought Of
7/19/14 12:47 PM