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What an amazing transformation!!!! Much more "grown up" looking! Moving the fridge location- genius! Where it was before it blocked the window light. However, I agree with the other poster about sitting at the counter facing a blank wall. That wouldn't cheer me. How about putting a nice oversize black "modern" clock (without the numbers, for instance) or a large thin black framed foto. I'm thinking black as a way to pick up on the black of the stove burners, oven door, espresso machine knobs, & the kick guard around the kitchen to help offset the browns & greys. The overall look is a HUGE improvement & you must be so happy to walk into that kitchen everyday. You actually have room to move and to cook!!! Nicely done.

Kitchen Before & After: A Cramped NYC Kitchen Gets a Chic Makeover Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/21/14 12:50 PM

I refuse to ever drink coffee at anyone's house if they have one of those Mr. Coffee-style "drip" makers because I KNOW FOR A FACT that they never clean out the reservoir or the water feeder tube or the drip head.... They figure that since it's only water in the reservoir that is being heated every day what's the problem? Why does it need to be cleaned? Yuck. And the drip head with all the coffee grounds up splash- you wipe a towel across that & you can see all the old black oil from the beans. Double yuck. I've actually seen friends' drip coffee makers with mold in them! I point it out & they say "oh! that's why my coffee tastes funny! I just thought the beans were bad." ugh. I have a siphon coffee pot & a french press. The siphon makes more cups so I like to use it for company. The reaction to this "cool" contraption is priceless. The reaction to how delicious the coffee tastes: Double Priceless!

5 Reasons Why Your Coffee Tastes Bad (And How to Fix It Next Time) Smart Coffee for Regular Joes
4/21/14 12:31 PM

"huge" dishwasher. Not "hugs"! LOL!

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/16/14 01:11 PM

I'm mind boggled that a kitchen that small would have such a hugs dishwasher. THAT to me is a space killer! Because in order to fill it the family would need to store that many plates, utensils, pots & pans, etc. in the kitchen cabinets. I'd lose that dishwasher, cut down the amount of plates, etc to only what is needed for the immediate family per day (plus a few reasonable extras for guests) & wash them after every meal. Then use that dishwasher space to store things like the food processor & cookware rather than have them up so high getting dusty & greasy. The house I am renting right now comes with a dishwasher which I've never used to wash dishes. There is a ton of counter space & an awesome prep island. However the counter space immediately to the left & right of the sink is so small, not even large enough to accommodate a dish drainer! Probably the builder just assumed that the tenants would use the dishwasher! I've solved the drainer problem by opening the dishwasher door, putting a large dish towel on the open door & pulling the racks out & using them to air dry the dishes on! The towel absorbs the water from the dishes & then after the dishes are dry I can use the towel to wipe the area down. I think, as in this foto, if you are living in such a small space that you have to store everything vertically then you probably don't need to have so many dishes, etc in the kitchen. We don't need a dishwasher for just two people!!

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/16/14 01:10 PM

Ooooh! You had me at vodka!

Milk and Booze! How To Make Sweet Milk Liqueur
4/10/14 01:51 PM

The clear plastic slipcovers?! THAT sofa could SO have belonged to my grandmother!!! If there is a clear plastic runner OVER the carpet runner and clear plastic over the lampshades I will know this is my grandmother's house!

Before & After: A Dramatic Small Space Makeover... and What Makes it Work Lonny
4/4/14 06:43 PM

Maybe what the author meant by "changing table" is that the table CHANGED- from blue to 3 tones of pink? Because, aside from the new paint job, it isn't much of a "changing table".

Before & After: A Painted Dresser Gets A Nursery-Worthy Upgrade Professional Project
4/4/14 06:36 PM

Please don't kill spiders! Even though some people think they are "gross", the truth is they are such an important part of the eco system. The more insects humans randomly kill because of fear or distaste the more we are tipping the scales towards doom. Imagine how many mosquitoes are eaten by spiders! Now imagine no more spiders! Suddenly one is breaking out the mosquito spray- further polluting the planet & killing other beneficial animals & insects. Imagine all the animals & insects who depend on spiders as a food source! Birds for instance! Killing off the food source of any one animal or insect has disastrous results. Please just scoop the spider up & toss him/her outdoors where he/she can eat up the mosquitoes in your back yard. Later he/she will be eaten by a bird. It's all part of the cycle. Humans are the only animal who kills another because of the perception of "ugly and gross". I know a few people who are "ugly" & a few others who are downright stupid, yet if I killed them I'd end up in prison! By haphazardly killing off animals & insects we consider unworthy of life we are in fact creating our own prison of a lifeless planet.

Terribly Helpful: How To Identify Household Pests
4/2/14 11:31 AM

The article forgot the worst house pest of them all- the Guest Who Won't Leave. Oh I've been infested with those pesky little devils many times. They have an insatiable appetite for toilet paper and any food in the cabinets & fridge. They are keenly adept at sniffing out the sweet treats I keep stashed behind the can goods. A sure fire cure to get these pests to scurry along on outta here is to stand a broom up by the front door. Seriously. It was a trick my grandmother used & it works. My husband didn't believe me, but whenever we become infested by Guests Who Won't Leave I get the broom (my favorite, to use during times of major infestation, is the big push broom we keep in the garage) and stand it up by the front door. Works every time. If you know there may be an outbreak arriving (in the form of in-laws or wanting to borrow money, for example) stand the broom up before they arrive at the front door. You will be amazed at the results!

Terribly Helpful: How To Identify Household Pests
3/31/14 01:23 PM

Love it! But once (and only once), when I was "doing my time" in a mind numbing & soul crushing office job, I found that my IQ jumped through the roof once I packed my supplies into a cardboard box and got the heck out of Dodge. And I took my potted plant with me!

Would You Like to Be Instantly Smarter?
3/31/14 01:13 PM

Safe Haven

The Three Word Plan to Loving Your Home
3/27/14 03:00 PM

It's not that there is anything "wrong" with the "before". BUT the "after" looks more grown up & sophisticated. However, I would lose the 2 rugs (put together to look like one large rug). I can see the idea of tying in the brown pattern on the rugs with the brown wood furniture (bed, dresser) & the black trim on the rug with the black pattern on the bedspread. But whenever I've had a large area rug in a small room the truth is the room looks smaller. I trade out (does that phrase satisfy the people who hate the phrase "switch out"? LOL!) the large rug for smaller one(s) & immediately there's a BIG difference! Those rugs are awesome (a lot like some Hopi & Navajo rugs I have). But.... I would find a better place for them (I actually resort to hanging mine if I don't find a good floor space for them) & use 2 smaller carpets on either side of the bed. Show off that wood floor!!! Also, I've found that in a small room if the rug is mostly covered by a large piece of furniture (in your case the bed) that also makes the room appear smaller because suddenly, visually, the furniture appears huge. Like the bed is so big that it has to take over the rug. And, because your room & furniture are now very linear & boxy I'd suggest to use 2 oval carpets on the floor beside the bed- orange would be a good choice to pick up the orange accent you already have going on- to break up the lines. Overall, good job with the room update.

Before & After: 3 Easy & Inexpensive Ideas for Making Rooms Look Larger
3/21/14 02:25 PM

When's the house party??? I am SO THERE!!!! I just want to walk through your house & touch everything! So much fun & I don't know what I like the best! Probably everything (though I'm not into taxidermy heads, but that's just me). But everything else- LOVE!!! even the counter tops!

Vahan's \"California Confused\" Small Home House Tour
3/21/14 01:40 PM

I don't think "negative comments" are all that bad on a site that is all about decor inspiration and innovative & clever ideas. However, I truly believe that if something works for the owner then that is really all that matters in the end. even if I am not personally inspired or amazed.

Before & After: Boring Blank Wall Becomes Unbelievable
3/19/14 12:45 PM

I must be missing something. I expected an awesome mural. This is just a desk, a chair, a lamp, some shelves attached to a large hole pegboard, & baskets. I would have at least painted the wall to define the "office" area, maybe paint a tompe l'oeil window with a pretty view, or hang a picture... or something! Not inspired at all. But, if this works for the owner, great. But I suspect they will become bored with this soon enough.

Before & After: Boring Blank Wall Becomes Unbelievable
3/19/14 12:35 PM

They are NOT going to be hit with fines! OMG! There are still people living with the "Do Not Remove Tag Under Penalty of Law" mentality! Even park rangers still harbor this outdated misconception. I know, I worked as a part time state park ranger & the debate continued between those who still thought there should be stiff penalties imposed & those who were scratching their heads going "Wha? Are people still getting stiffer fines for possessing a feather picked up from the ground than the fine they'd receive for speeding?" These young ladies will NOT be receiving any fines. No one will be going to their apartment to arrest them. And the sky is NOT falling!

Alexandra & Christine's East Meets West House Tour
3/14/14 07:10 PM

BIG difference between KILLING birds (and any other wildlife) and finding feathers & bones on the ground. While I'm not a fan of the popular taxidermy decor, a few feathers found on walks or in ones own backyard is a far cry from hunting birds to extinction for their feathers. Do you own down-filled bedding? If so, don't you think that ripping feathers from the living flesh of a tortured bird is much more horrifying than picking up a feather from the ground that fell from a bird flying overhead? I do not purchase any down-filled bedding nor do I wear any clothing or footwear made from Animal skins. I also don't eat Animals. Because those Animals are being tortured! I also live here in the mid west & am quite aware of the significance of feathers within the Navajo Nation. Having been invited many times to sacred ceremonies & given access to off-limits-to-white-people areas I am quite sensitive to the reasoning behind protection to all Animals. I actually have the blessing of Native peoples to possess the few feathers that have presented themselves to me in my travels. Kathryn1123, I am sure that if you were walking down the street & came upon a feather you wouldn't walk on past & leave it there. And better to gather a few feathers from the ground & keep them as reminders of how connected we are to nature than to step on them! Birds shedding feathers is the same as your hairs falling out. It's natural, it happens. There was a time when the Victorians used the hair of deceased loved ones to weave mementos. When you go shopping & pick up a few steaks for your dinner do you not consider the suffering that cow went through? And you are freaked out by a few feathers someone found to bring home?

Alexandra & Christine's East Meets West House Tour
3/14/14 05:39 PM

Making bento boxes like this everyday isn't always practical. But it can be done. Once you think of the image you want to create & what foods you want to use it can be both fun & easy. I used to do things like this for my daughter when she was little, though not as a take to school bento box because of how the food can get jumbled up in the commute. But I would create pictures on her favorite square plate. Start simple, simple idea & simple foods. Kids have the best ideas because they're not all caught up in the "must make complete proteins & balance vitamins" mentality. Keep the food choices limited at first & the image simple- don't start out trying to create the set of Iron Chef or the cast of Modern Family! A simple image of a flower in a garden, a snowman, a panda. Don't even worry the colors aren't "correct". A few raisins & nuts, a few chopped veggies, leftovers. Try thin chopped lettuce & spinach for grass & leaves on trees. A scoop of rice has a ton of possibilities & can be colored with nature food colors. A slice of orange or a half a tangelo makes a cute "sun" with rays created from a few tangelo segments. Blueberries for a pond, cuke slices for car wheels. Do as a fun after dinner project. My daughter & I would come up with different ideas & draw them first with crayons. Then we'd think of what foods, & how, we could use. Once you start it becomes addictive! Yeah, some crazy combos were created, but we had fun! Fun. That's the key to life! (we had a little water spray bottle with lemon juice that we'd use to give the finished product a spritz to keep it fresh.)

10 Beautiful and Slightly Insane Bento Boxes on Pinterest
3/13/14 03:31 PM

South American Vegan here. Quinoa is the top grain from my home country. And here in the US I have continued to make it a staple of my diet. Being in the US really gives me the opportunity to try foods from all over the world! It's a beautiful thing to know that, in reality, the US diet is not (and doesn't need to be) only burgers & fries! When my hubby (from Central America) first came to the States he assumed that the only food that North Americans ate was McDonalds. And steak. And instant everything. And he was really stressed out to think that not only would he sorely miss his home country delicacies & practically starve, but he'd starve with a belly full of over salted, chemical laden, factory farmed instant "food". The US is always referred to as "The Melting Pot" and I love that this "pot" is filled with the most versatile, scrumptious, & healthy foods from all over the world! I love to experiment by mixing different foods from different countries. The Melting Pot! If you find yourself liking the hearty & healthy nutty flavor of Quinoa try my style of salad. Separately prepare Quinoa & Cous Cous. When cooled fluff them together & mix in chopped veggies of choice- onions, parsley or cilantro, shredded carrots, corn, celery, cukes, jalapeƱo, etc. Sprinkle a dressing of lemon/lime, cider vinegar, & pinch of salt. I also sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over the top before serving. The combo of Quinoa & Cous Cous is really wonderful. The cous cous breaks up the heavy nutty flavor & adds a different texture. Viva la lengua de comida!

15 Satisfying Vegan Lunch Recipes to Energize Your Day Recipes from The Kitchn
3/12/14 02:56 PM

Oh I LOVE Miso soup with noodles, tofu, & veggies! I steam daikan (Japanese radish), carrots, & onion for the veggies. Then I toast & crumble into the soup my favorite sea veggie- Dulse. If I have it I will even use toasted Nori. Wow. Makes the best yummy & light lunch time pick me up. My daughter enjoys Miso broth with a dollop of rice for a hearty winter breakfast. Soup for breakfast! Why not!

15 Satisfying Vegan Lunch Recipes to Energize Your Day Recipes from The Kitchn
3/12/14 02:33 PM