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Howdy, Johnny here. Thanks for the kind words & design suggestions. My life is a work in progress, but when I submitted this upon finishing the headboard project I didn't anticipate that it would actually get posted, and didn't figure waiting until my house was 100% completed (is it ever?) before submitting would be at all worthwhile.

The art has since been moved & I'm currently building nightstands to match. As some have guessed, being an attic, the bedroom is specifically sized, and the only place for the bed is in front of the window. We've since implemented a few other items that play on the rustic vs. refined styles, and continue to work towards a layout and design that fully works with the room, but I hope that some can still get benefit out of the headboard project.

Before & After: From Salvaged Wood to Stylish Reclaimed Headboard
1/21/14 11:53 AM