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Battery drain test:
Introduction: The intention was to test the maximal battery life of the Geneva XS. The test-unit is two years old and contains a used battery which is of the same age. It will be interesting to see how it holds up after two years use.

Materials and Methods:
Materials:Two years old Geneva model XS with two-year old stock battery for testing. Stock Battery: 3,7V 2500mAh produced 15.10.2011 (date code: 111015). Stopwatch for timing the duration of the battery-life. Laptops for streaming music to the unit via Bluetooth (Dell and Asus).

Methods: Music was streamed to the unit via Bluetooth, and it played continuously at volumes 35-60 (volume 40-~85% - volume 60-~15%). Radio was also used (Bluetooth 90% Radio 10%). After 5h 45 minutes the volume was increased to 60, and the unit was moved further away from source (from 1m to 2,5m). After 1h45m at 2,5 meters distance and volume 60 the Bluetooth reception seemed poorer and I experienced some stuttering. I moved the unit back to 1 meters distance from the source and all was well. After 8h55min I decided to let the unit (and my ears) rest. I turned it off and stored it without use for about 20 hours. Then the unit was used for the last 3h30m. The time until the battery "died" was measured. The radio was kept at a distance when there was no interference in the signal.

Total time of playback from start test until event:
1. Blinking red dot indicating the unit needs a recharge - 9h 55min
2. LOW BATT display and unit power off - 12h 25min

The reception kept deteriorating as the battery power was slowly draining. In the end, a distance >10-20cm led to distortion of the signal. This is probably quite common in these types of wireless speakers.

I have to say I am really impressed with the results. I got a whooping 12hours and 25miuntes of playback out of a single charge with a two year old stock battery! It should be noted that the volume was kept at moderate levels, ie 35-45 (~85%) and 60 (~15%). However, this was more than sufficient for my use.

Geneva Sound System Model XS:
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