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LOVE this!! My boys + I live in a small town above our shop, it is always a feeling of community when we can pull off an impromptu dinner. For valentines day we did this and served BLT's along with salad + fresh fruit. Went off without a hitch.

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3/10/14 02:00 PM

yes, I love the idea of not having too much stuff & always editing - BUT color + things you love are what make a home cozy. p.s. Holly's apartment makes me want to curl up on that sofa & sleep the winter away... love the colors + antlers + attitude. I missed it the first time it was online, thanks for posting it again!!

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2/10/14 06:57 PM

when people come in our shop + they are just not sure where to start on their homes - we always encourage them to just find all of the things they LOVE & can't live without. If you only do that one thing then some how, some way, your home always turns out warm + cozy + lovely.

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2/5/14 02:05 PM

great ideas!! I have also tried turning hangers backwards in my closet. When I haven't used an item all season + the hanger is still backwards then I need to ditch it. I also have our apartment zoned so that each day one zone should be cleaned up / vaccumed / etc - doesn't always happen but in the long run it keeps things from getting too far gone.

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2/5/14 01:54 PM

I truly believe that in this day and age of technology hand made cards that are received in your mail box are truly special so my goal for 2014 is to send more hand written cards - both personally and professionally. They are always DIY with craft cards, a faux bois stamp & a vintage postcard picked out for the person in mind. Thank you for the inspiration to make some Valentine cards with the same elements!!

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1/29/14 01:07 AM

very authentic and charming - it looks like a home full of fun + love!! thank you for sharing... p.s. I love the cowhides

Thomas and Mitchell's Bougie Boho Style House Tour
1/27/14 11:11 PM

I find the antlers + skulls to be like organic art. And cowhides are the best rugs you'll ever own - practically indestructible. LOVE this tour and the reminder that all you really NEED can be put into a few boxes - I agree with the earlier comment that it almost makes a whole house seem silly ;) well done!!

Evan's Modern & Cozy Manhattan Studio House Tour
1/23/14 01:01 PM

LOVE the mixture of all the things that mean something to you.... especially the smidges of cowhides + taxidermy. This is how we decorate our home and shop, I really appreciate seeing it done with tremendous style. Thank you for sharing your home!!

Rachel & Tiernan's Textured Townhouse House Tour
1/21/14 08:16 PM

HOT GLUE :) for real... we sell cowhide rugs and always advise customers that when they get a hide turn it upside down & put stripes and/or dots of hot glue on it. After it is completely dry {at least 24 hours} turn it back over & the hide will have a rug gripper that will keep it from sliding around. I haven't tried it on sisal but it's worth a shot ;)

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1/20/14 02:50 PM

LOVE the textures, mix of new + old, and especially the southwest VIBE. exceptional execution.

Jesse's Modern Bachelor Pad House Tour
1/20/14 10:52 AM