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I think the "You'll lose sports!!" angle is overplayed for cord cutters. If you live within 30-35 miles of the broadcast towers you can get all the local channels with an indoor leaf antenna. That covers NFL almost perfectly. A WatchESPN subscription is included free with most high speed internet packages and streams particularly well with an Xbox or to a lesser extent Roku or computer. That covers college football, basketball and many other sports, although you can't see the games live for the most part, but a few hours delayed. No biggie for me since I used to record them to my DVR anyway. As mentioned in the article, if you like hockey, baseball or basketball, you can subscribe to their streaming packages on Roku and other devices, but local teams will be delayed. Many games will likely be available via antenna, so again no big deal. Honestly, the only sport I miss without cable is EPL soccer. I'm not willing to cough up $1200 a year for the privilege of watching a few soccer games on TV (since they are only on the highest cable tiers), so I just live without it.

7 Ways To Watch Live Sports Without Cable
1/20/14 10:11 AM