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Who makes that amazing table and chair set?

Tell Us: Do Your Kids Have Twin or Double Beds?
5/1/14 10:37 AM

LogMeIn can be a lifesaver for helping parents set things up remotely on their computer. We have used it to help my parents when they just couldn't follow directions over the phone. Though I was able to walk my father thru downloading an update for Adobe Flash Player. Patience was the recipe.

Good Deed of the Day: Providing Patient Parental Tech Support
4/24/14 10:23 AM

My oldest daughter has been helping me in the kitchen since she was two (she just turned 7). Her love of food and vegetables has really changed the way I cook. Her signature dish is stir fry. One of my happiest moments ever was watching her at our local farmers as she cruised from stand to stand buying vegetables, with her stir fry ingredients sticking our of her kitty backpack.

Kids can start very young with a pair of kids scissors and then move onto a serrated spreading knife. Pre-schoolers are amazing herb snippers and they can begin to get knife skills by slicing things like tofu, avocado and cucumber. My 5 year old isn't ready for a sharp knife yet, but she can still snip, chop and slice quite a bit with her tools. My kids don't usually have the stamina to cook a meal start to finsh, so they help with the prep. Stir fry is great for this as they prep the vegetables and when they run off, I can just toss it in the wok. I have also found that when kids help cook they are more invested in the meal and more willing to eat it/try new foods.

Oh, and if little kids are helping save your own sanity by starting an extra 30-45 minutes earlier.

Why Every Kid Needs a Signature Dish
1/19/14 10:26 AM