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Gosh these are terrible. My first roommate after getting divorced was this really thin really soft spoken but kind of sarcastic guy. He wasnt home much but when he was he smoked a lot of weed. No big deal and he was always super nice. Until like halfway through our lease he started treating me really badly. Saying how I was a slut (I was dating) and privileged and had no responsibilities and didnt pay my own way. I had sold him my car and allowed him to pay my half of the rent as the car payment and he put off registering it for several months. When he did try finally there was an issue of an ink smear on the title and I had to have my ex husband sign an affidavit and have it notarized..well he waited weeks to finally get me the paper work, then waited weeks to try to register the car. The office wouldnt accept the paper, supposedly because my ex husband had signed it with his first and middle initial and last name even though it was notarized. So I had him do it over and then the roommate insisted it was still wrong and I had him do it over, sent a picture to the roommate to verify it was right and had the bill of sale notarized as well so there could be no dispute but he insisted he wasnt going to come get the new paperwork and if he couldnt register the car with the paperwork he said was wrong then he was going to take me to court to get his money back...even though he had put thousands of miles on the car in the short time he had it and hadnt fixed the sunroof leak so he'd depreciated its value A LOT and still owed me $2000. (funny side story on that, he claimed he bought my car as a favor to me...except he had wrecked his car, bought a second one that turned out to be a lemon, only had $800 to buy a new one outright and had poor credit so he couldnt get financing to buy I dont really see how it was a favor to me. I'd have been fine keeping my car, which he abused the hell out of) He also once told me he was breaking the lease and I had a week to move out and then got mad when I found a new place to live, saying I was a piece of shit and should kill myself because I had "screwed him over"

I have new roommates now who are nice enough but they are SO GROSS. The first day I moved in all I did was clean, and the bathroom was so moldy and disgusting i had to bleach the hell out of it. The next morning I woke up and there was macaroni all over the how does this happen? and it had just been left there. most recently one of them got a new puppy and apparently the puppy pooped on the he cleans it up with paper towels and flushed the paper towels..the toilet was clogged for 4 days before I finally dealt with it myself and had it unclogged in less than 10 minutes.
Also I have to keep food I dont want to share in my room and drinks because they'll eat or drink it all and then not replace it. I drink bottled water exclusively so it kind of pisses me off when I buy a case of water and its gone in 3 days

but in comparison with some of these stories things could definitely be worse.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
1/18/14 09:23 PM