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I did a complete kitchen remodel: new appliances, floor light fixtures, cabinets, you name it. I did all the work myself with help from family members, so I am handier than the average Joe. Still, I found the installation to be much easier than other wall cabinets due to the suspension rail. Well worth the $14 I spent on those! Also, leveling was not a problem because I had the Adel cabs. The height is 30 inches (which makes it great if you want to incorporate the 12 inch deep wall cabinets for tight spaces on the floor) and you add the metal feet. These can then be adjusted to get the cabs level, which was essential in my remodel since I was dealing with a house built in 1909. Not square or level! The doors and drawers can then be adjusted up, down or to the side to get them to line up perfectly. You just insert a screwdriver into the drawer hardware and presto. I highly recommend these cabs which are somehow still unscathed after 6 months of my labs scratching at the bin that holds the dog food.

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