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It is a wood cutting board take a sander to it. Sand down a layer at 80 grit and then again at 120 grit. Then wash dry and oil.
This will get you down a layer and remove the cutting mark crevices that are holding onto the icky smells. It also makes your wood cutting boards better to do this occasionally as the cuts and gouges are removed.

How Should I Clean My Smelly Wooden Cutting Board? Good Questions
6/4/14 11:00 AM

Put it in your iced coffee

What Are Some Really Awesome Ways to Use Chocolate Mint? Good Questions
5/29/14 12:36 PM

I would not do a starting bulk buying but think about what you want to make and slowly build up a pantry. Yes you will end up with most of the things listed but dont bother to buy things that you do not plan to use. Slowly buy what you will cook. This will allow you to buy over time and will be easier on teh budget and more realistic to how you cook.

The Most Essential Pantry Staples for Cooks on an Extreme Budget? Good Questions
4/30/14 07:20 PM

Did you have any oil in the bowl at all ? Or did you have any yolk at all in the bowl? These things will kill the fluff

Why Won't My Egg Whites Whip? Good Questions
4/28/14 09:19 AM

Depends on what and how you eat. Honestly I do not bother with either. But I do not eat a lot of rice.

Should I Buy a Rice Cooker or a Pressure Cooker? Good Questions
4/24/14 03:26 PM

Panna cotta needs to be on this list.

10 Ways to Use Up a Gallon of Milk Tips from The Kitchn
4/10/14 09:51 AM

Make it a menu board and paint it with chalkboard paint and write the grocery list or menu list on it for the week

Best Way to Disguise Ugly Kitchen Electric Panel? Good Questions
4/8/14 08:19 AM

Well my rosemary died during this harsh winter. So for spring I'm planting and have seedlings of the following
Hot peppers (3 types)
Sweet peppers ( 4 types)
summer squash
pumpkin pie pumpkin
brussel sprouts

I also permanently have
lemon balm
lemon grass

Tell Us All About Your Gardening Plans! The 2014 Garden
4/7/14 12:10 PM

A nutmeg grinder.

Fresh ground nutmeg is such a different spice then pre ground and the microplane method was so likely to skin my fingers rather then grind a spice.

How a Lemon Juicer Changed My Life Tool Tips
4/7/14 10:48 AM

Pretty but Cobalt is still my favorite

Le Creuset Launches New Matte Collection
4/4/14 06:04 PM

Pretty but Cobalt is still my favorite

Le Creuset Launches New Matte Collection
4/4/14 06:04 PM

That's a lot of beer. I thought you generally wanted to drink fresh beer not aged beer and that is more then a years worth of beer in my world.

Why Anyone Can Have a Beer Cellar: And How to Build One Tapped In
4/3/14 11:37 AM

Relax it happens to all of us. This is what takeout or cheese and crackers is for. Feel better.

It Was One of Those Weeks When I Was Too Lazy To Cook Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
4/2/14 01:07 PM

As much as it is likely a joke I think it would be a good idea. I know when I cleared my toolbench I found I had 27 of them.

IKEA to Stop Including Allen Wrenches Design News
4/1/14 09:36 AM

ugh so it was an April Fools joke ok you got me but really how did you get it on amazon as well?

Bikini Woman 1992 Cake Pan Mold from Wilton
4/1/14 09:14 AM

I though this was an april fools joke until I saw it on amazon too with a different but similar picture.
Wilton Pretty Lady Cake Pan - Party Girl

Bikini Woman 1992 Cake Pan Mold from Wilton
4/1/14 09:12 AM

Well the rule of thumb is 5-6 bites per person per hour more if there are more options. That means you are looking at about 1250- 1500 pieces per hour.
I would do
1 vegetable( cherry tomato/ basil leaf/ small bit of mozzarella on a skewer of rosemary marinated in an olive oil balsamic )
1 seafood- mini crab cakes
1 bacon- bacon wrapped dates or bacon wrapped potatoes
1 vegan- brushetta
1 beef- mini roast beef with horseradish on toasted rounds

1 cupcake for wedding cake
1 mini cheesecakes they store frozen so so well
1 shot glasses full of chocolate mouse

All of the exact choices should deal with the budget and the palates of the bride and groom but realistically you are looking at a lot of mini servings so think about minimizing what needs to be done in the day or two in advance. Things like mini cheesecakes are nice as they freeze and can be done months in advance with ease.

I'm Catering a Big Wedding This Spring. What Should I Make? Homemade Weddings
3/31/14 03:35 PM

I also have no space for a microwave in my kitchen ( so it is in the basement for the rare occasions when it is really useful).
Some tricks
1. Get a couple small ramikins or other small baking dishes for the oven they make reheating in the oven a lot easier. Often I don't want to put the whole big pan in to reheat so a small mini baking pan allows you to reheat small portions. A spray bottle of water misted over the top before reheating also helps.
2. Lodge makes this tiny little pot they call a melting pot I use it to reheat a lot of stovetop items. Cast iron works best as it is such even heat that it tends to scorch less.

Day 19: Make a Plan for Your Leftovers The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/28/14 08:07 AM

Growing up we used to have a dish of pasta mixed with leftovers about once a week. Our parents let us change the name every week in order to get it so we enjoyed the process of the meal and thus enjoyed the leftovers more.
So call it smurf , wonderwoman or transformers and basically serve pasta or rice mixed with leftovers.

Day 19: Make a Plan for Your Leftovers The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/27/14 01:52 PM

I shave warm hands so I grate my butter in my cuisinart for pie dough and biscuits.

A No-Fuss Method for Tender & Flaky Biscuits Every Time Tips from The Kitchn
3/21/14 10:48 AM