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Google's always been pretty up-front about its revenue streams. I don't like everything they do, and I seriously wish they hadn't worked with the NSA (especially since I'm not American), but I'm not going to criticise them for making money the way they always said they were making money.

Google's Amsterdam Office Has Stroopwafel Ceilings Design News
4/1/14 12:49 AM

I've owned a Karlstad sofa bed for 5 years, and it is NOT "skimping". In fact, it's very similar to my regular bed, and house guests often express pleasant surprise at how comfortable it is. I know people like to bash IKEA, but they do get it right sometimes.

Top Ten: Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2014
2/22/14 11:25 PM

I draw the line at electrical (I did my own light fixture installation once, and learned not all buildings use standard-coloured wires), plumbing, or anything requiring a saw. I can do first aid for all of these things, but would rather give the long-term solution task to someone with more experience.

Do You Suffer From Can't-Do-it-Yourself-Itis?
2/10/14 02:38 PM

Junk drawer? I have a junk chest of drawers. So that's doing it wrong?

One Minute Tip: Embrace Your Junk (Drawer!) Apartment Therapy Videos
1/22/14 04:11 PM

Some gros point or rug hooking canvas would avoid hole punching and be stronger too. Just fill in the backgound with more chunky cross stitches.

DIY Project Idea: How to Sew a Cross Stitch Pillow Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorial
1/16/14 04:16 PM