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@amimo - I put off making a quilt for the longest time because I was worried about making mistakes, getting in over my head and investing the time and effort into something that wouldn't turn out. When I finally made one I found out that it's easier than I think, I CAN do it and I'm thrilled with the end result (imperfections and all). If it hadn't worked out I would have been able to give up my "I'm a quilter" fantasy self and moved on to something else. Either way, it's worth it to make yourself try the projects that your not sure about. Either it's a success or you can stop feeling like it's something you should do/try.

Meditations on the Joy of Craft
2/7/14 12:59 PM

Bowrinfeld - I started out really strong with the Cure, but this last week has not gone as well. My personal approach is that anything I can do is an improvement. There are no "Cure Police" making sure you follow every assignment perfectly. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about the weekend assignment, but would go through my space and make the list of all the things that need to happen to make your space comfortable again (not the nit picky I need new lamps, but the practical, hang the picture that's leaning against the wall). Most of what has you overwhelmed is probably tidying. Put on some good tunes, set a timer and spend 15 minutes in each room tidying up. Then I'd figure out what remaining projects I wanted to finish or tackle and put my time towards those. No one says that you can't keep working on this in February :)

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Outbox, Living Room & Lighting January Cure Assignment #17
1/24/14 10:58 AM

I'm deferring my media fast for another night. Had work I had to do tonight, and like others I don't have network tv and rarely even turn the tv (or online shows) on (so a partial fast is easy!). But I do like the idea of a media fast to make us more aware of our habits. Doesn't mean you need to change them, just being aware means that you can make more conscious decisions about how you spend your time.

I'm loving the motivation the cure is giving me! I'm blogging my cure here :

Unplug for an Evening: Try a Media Fast The January Cure: Assignment # 10
1/15/14 11:31 PM