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Congratulations. And thanks.

Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy
Intro & Part 1

3/28/11 03:43 PM

Another Chicago reference to panzerotti About 12 minutes into this gem of a documentary by skyfull of bacon.

Pizza & Donut Love Child: The Panzaretto
3/4/11 03:49 PM

currently refinishing a very old one! before and after

Kitchen Envy: Vintage Butcher Blocks
2/7/11 03:07 PM

If you're a "sometimes anchovy" kind of vegan, a shmear of anchovy or anchovy paste in the oil with a little garlic and some fine lemon zest will take it to another kind of level.

Simple, Cheap, and Vegan, Too? Poor Man's Parmesan
2/3/11 01:51 PM

go team!

Meet the 2011 Kitchen Editorial Team
1/7/11 01:40 PM

My resolution is to open my own restaurant where I (and my partners) will be ultimately responsible for its sustainability. By sustainable I mean the type of products (food and other) that are purchased, how efficiently they are used, how waste is handled, how energy and water is consumed, etc. And by being ultimately responsible for its sustainability I mean that every decision that is made will have taken the idea of sustainability into consideration.

Sustainable Food Resolutions: What Are Yours?
1/6/11 11:54 AM

I am a stanton warrior!

Win This T.55 USB Turntable from Stanton!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/17/10 01:48 PM

I just had a meeting this morning with one of the largest spice importers/manufacturers in the US this morning. She explained to me a bit about how the spice industry works. First, most spices are sourced from third world countries. Second, the processing of herbs and spices at the source is not regulated by the USDA. The potential problems that can arise from the processing of herbs in some of these places is that unsanitary methods (according to US standards) can be used. For instance, peppercorns can be left to dry out in the open rather than being dried in more controlled situations. Leafy herbs can be cut with other leafy substances, etc. Of course, this is just second hand info here but it makes a lot of sense. And when I see massive recalls of meat products because they were contaminated with contaminated peppercorns, that's rather unsettling. Again, people will try to find an edge when it comes to selling you something. But more and more, traceability is becoming that edge that is tipping the scale for a lot of people.

Whole Foods Nutmeg Recalled for Salmonella Danger
Food News for Thursday December 2

12/2/10 01:07 PM

Porridge sounds much more romantic than oatmeal!

Heavenly Porridge from Tim of Lottie and Doof
Breakfast with a Blogger

12/1/10 01:07 PM

I saw a kit for paella at cost plus. I think this would make a great gift! Since Valencia rice and saffron can be hard to source, not to mention the paella pan itself, it's nice to have those essentials bundled up into a package. I'm thinking paella would be a perfect New Year's Eve or Day dish, especially since people like to splurge on expensive seafood at this time!

Edible Gift Idea: Recipe Kits
11/26/10 12:45 PM

Yes, take a deep breath! And unless you are professional cooker of things, keep in mind that your way may be just as good as your partner's way of doing things. So, work together, compromise, don't condescend. You're both working towards the same goal and you're both on the same team. Divvy up the tasks and try to not get in each others way. Think about the "dance" that you do at your workplace and how it's a result of working with other people in a defined space over time. That's my advice on working together in the kitchen. The great thing is that the more you do it, the better you get at it. Like a lot of things you may do together. Now a big group in the kitchen is a whole other ball game. Good luck!

On Working Together & Thanksgiving: Take A Deep Breath
11/24/10 01:37 PM

I second the bourbon barrel beer! Gotta bottle of Cockeyed Cooper Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine.

Fresh and Fizzy: Beers To Drink With Thanksgiving Dinner
Beer Sessions

11/23/10 04:48 PM

Love the David Mellor flatware! I just visited his factory/workshop/store in the UK . Very nice that some of his line is available through Heath in the US! They make handsome table-fellows.

Make A Statement: Modern Flatware
11/19/10 01:14 PM

Nice one. Overconfidence can lead you to bite off more than you can chew. Top Chef provides wonderful examples of confidence gone awry. I agree with the posters who say that confidence should be balanced with humility. If you find yourself being overly confident, think about what could go wrong and what the repercussions would be. The one thing that I've picked up on from Bourdain's shows is that the very nature of the show keeps his bad boy image very balanced. He knows the humbling powers of culture and food and finds himself in the midst of them in most episodes. I remember one episode where he cooked an entire meal for the staff and guests and he had the gumption of a line cook who felt like his ass was on the line.

Weekend Meditation: Confidence
11/15/10 12:12 PM

So much good coffey out there! :-) Intelly is primo. I just wish I could prepare it as well as their, or any of the other great shops', barristas.

Best Online Sources for Coffee Connoisseurs
11/15/10 11:58 AM

Pomegranate molasses should do the trick. If you can't find molasses you could boil down pom juice.

Seeking Suggestions: Substitutes for Tamarind in Pad Thai?
11/15/10 09:49 AM

I don't think Jamie Oliver and Co. should give up on their mission. Rather, they should continue but in a different direction. If they are not granted permission to deal directly with the food service, then they should try to get into the classroom. Jamie's knowledge of food and gardening could provide an opportunity to get students outside and into the gardens to grow their own food for educational purposes. They could then get permission to prepare the food in Home Economics type labs. The show could follow students back to their homes where the kids will show their families what they've learned by preparing a meal for them. We've already seen how pathetic the state of school cafeterias are. If our "raw" ingredients that we eat as adults are the same or even worse than what is served in the caf, then that means we need to change our entire food system, not just the school's food system. We've seen how we can change things with the first series, now lets see it from a different angle.

Farmers Market Cheating Alleged in California
Food News for Monday, November 8

11/8/10 12:32 PM

Rosalind, did Nigel at least tell you whether or not the the set was designed to look like a Pawson kitchen? I think that if you were wanting to create something similar all that you would have to do is either hire Pawson or emulate his design. According to this article, "Highlights of John Pawson's career include the imposing Neuendorf Villa in Majorca and Calvin Klein's flagship store in New York. He is sought after by such diverse patrons as the order of Cistercian monks who commis signed a new monastery and, not least, our own Nigel Slater whose oh-so-minimal kitchen is a Pawson design." Maybe the article is referring to another Slater kitchen. If so, I'd like to see that one too!

Look! A Peek at Nigel Slater's Kitchen
11/8/10 10:07 AM

I was feeling the Pawson design gardenali, good call.

Look! A Peek at Nigel Slater's Kitchen
11/5/10 03:43 PM

I love England. I can't confirm if it's his home kitchen but I'm betting it is. In the youtube clip he is seen on a different floor of the home looking at a book. So if it's not his home, they've made themselves comfortable in someone else's! Reminds me of being in a London city house where the kitchen is below street level and there is a little walk-out garden. The video also shows Nigel at a garden allotment which shows great emphasis on gardening--whether it's right outside the door or down the street. Between HFW, Nigel and Jamie, American food television has a long way to go!

Look! A Peek at Nigel Slater's Kitchen
11/5/10 01:04 PM