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I love xian 65's idea for wall color.

Design Ideas for Bare Bones Living Room? Good Questions
3/25/14 10:17 AM

If your boys already play in this room a lot, why not embrace that? Make it a place that's warm and comfortable for you all to spend time while they're awake. I would flip the arrangement so that the sofa is in front of (but not up against) the wall with the flower art work, and the chairs/table are where the sofa is now. For under the window, I'd look for something for the kids; ideally some kind of a toy chest with that can double as a bench or an ottoman with toy storage space. I'd also add a very large, soft rug to anchor the space and make it cozier.

I think the furniture is quite pretty, but looks too washed out against the beige carpet and white walls. So, in terms of colors, I'd go darker blues and golds - pick up on the colors in the furniture but go several shades darker. In terms of patterns, I'd mix solids and big patterns, so they don't compete with the small patterns of the furniture. I'd add these elements in with the rug, by replacing the curtains, by adding a few cushions on the sofa (and maybe a couple floor cushions for the boys). . .

Design Ideas for Bare Bones Living Room? Good Questions
3/25/14 10:12 AM

I've been really amazed by the impact of paint and shower curtain changes in some of the before and afters I've seen on apartment therapy!

Simple white walls would certain work. But, if you're up for more color, I think the design seed website would be a great tool for you. Personally, I like the dark grey & beige combo here: http://design-seeds.com/index.php/home/entry/caffeine-tones
and love the beige and purple-brown combo here:
If you explore a bit on this site, I think you'll find lots of color inspiration

Paint Color & Shower Curtain Suggestions for Classic '50s Bathroom? Good Questions
2/11/14 08:05 AM

I'd start with an area rug - it will help define the space and working with the colors/textures in the rug may give you enough of a foundation to overcome your wall decor/furniture paralysis. I'd go big and low pile, but soft, so it's nice for the kids to sit and play on.

I agree with others on the white panel curtains

Furniture placement - rotate the big couch so that the length is along the wall where the wicker bench is now, and the extended part is close to the window. Put a low media bench between the door and window - for tv and a cute basket for keys, etc.

I'd get rid of the wicker bench and replace it with a smaller arm chair - to be placed across from the couch and maybe consider a larger coffee table. If you're not planning on getting stools right now, I'd consider using the space along the kitchen bar as a kids space. Something like an ikea expedit with baskets in it could provide space for kids to stow their stuff and serve as a computer table poufs/ottomans in front would be both cute and fun!

Furniture & Decor Ideas for My Living Room? Good Questions
1/23/14 09:09 AM

I had some really nice black lemon tea the other day. A recipe for tea, and for a black lemon cocktail here:

What Can I Make with Juniper Berries and Black Lemon? Good Questions
1/17/14 01:04 PM

I was just on the border of gestational diabetes, so my blood sugar was relatively easy to control. Like you, I was a healthy eater to start with, so I did breakfast according to a plan suggested by a nutritionist, but found I could manage with relatively minor changes to dinner/lunch. I:

- added morning and evening walks to my daily schedule - additional exercise gave me a little more freedom in my diet. To be honest, the nutritionist I was referred to by my doctor never once mentioned exercise, even though I found that it made an enormous difference (days I skipped the walks were the few days I found my blood sugar levels were worrisome.)
- replaced 1/2 the regular flour with whole wheat flower in every recipe, replaced white rice with brown rice, replaced regular pasta with whole grain pasta, etc.
- cut out 1/2 the sugar in any recipe and in my coffee/tea.
- tried to cut any serving of carbs in 1/2 - e.g. started eating half the rice I normally would, and increasing my portions of veggies/meat

Most of these habits stuck with me after the baby was born. (Good luck and congratulations!)

I Have Gestational Diabetes. Can You Help Me Stay Inspired in the Kitchen? Good Questions
1/15/14 10:56 AM