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My husband used to not be a fan of quite a few veggies (cauliflower, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, eggplant, squash, etc) but I've been working hard to convert him to the veg-ful side. Roasting, pureeing (with plenty of roasted garlic and onion), and stir-fry are 3 of my easiest go-to ways to turn someone from a hater to a lover. "Hiding" the veg in a pasta dish or a hearty soup also works great. A lot of times my husband wouldn't even realize he was eating a veggie from his list until he would get heaping seconds and I couldn't help but giggle/evil laugh.

Instead of using vinegar, I prefer to use a balsamic reduction to change the flavor profile. The best Brussels Sprouts I've made were cut in half and cooked with with diced onions and garlic, a balsamic reduction, a pinch of brown sugar, a dab of butter, red chili flakes, and half a diced pair. Delicious!

5 Cooking Tips to Help Anyone Fall in Love with a Vegetable for the First Time
1/23/14 02:37 AM

Love a lot of these ideas! The repurposed train DIYs would make for adorable touches to a kid's room. However some of the Lego's ones (while cool looking) would end up being crazy expensive.. I can't imagine anyone having enough Lego's laying around to refinish a kitchen island!

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1/14/14 10:50 AM