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When I lived with 4 other people (and shared food with one- my fiance), we labelled everything with our initials and put stuff wherever in the fridge. I cleaned out the fridge every couple We did claim one crisper drawer as our own because we ate more fresh fruits and veg than the others. One roommate had a mini fridge to store some stuff. We had a deep freeze to lighten the load on the fridge freezer. And we shared things like margarine, mustard, mayo, etc. Things like milk and eggs are tough to share because you go through them quickly and then the issue becomes who picks up more when you run out so frequently....

Tips for Food-Loving Roommates Sharing Kitchen Space? Good Questions
7/23/14 12:45 PM

I agree. I broke up the tasks required for making those burgers into three days!

10 Easy Vegan Meals to Make This Summer Recipes from The Kitchn
7/22/14 03:23 PM

Haha yes I would not dare try to poach an egg simply in a pan, I use the same method you posted!!

Recipe: Lyonnaise Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
7/17/14 08:07 PM

Definitely roast the broccoli! Delicious!

Where I live in Canada, my CSA was going to start last week but because of the late spring it got pushed back to this week, and then it rained a bunch so the start date is now pushed back to July 4th. I'm very excited to it to start and to see the return of this feature on The Kitchn!

This Week's CSA Box: Finding Ways to Use Up My Lettuce, Broccoli, Oregano and Beans Keeping Up With My CSA Box: Week 2
6/23/14 05:27 PM

It will likely be to strong to enjoy drinking it, you can still repurpose it in other ways though (good tips as well for if you let a batch ferment for too long): http://www.kombuchakamp.com/2012/02/top-5-uses-for-kombucha-vinegar.html

How To Make Your Own Kombucha Scoby Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/24/14 12:08 PM

Good luck! I've been brewing kombucha for about 6 months with lots of success. Only one batch went awry (tried to do a second fermentation with grape juice - ended up smelling super sulphuric).

My Spring Project: Homemade Kombucha Spring Projects From The Kitchn
4/3/14 04:26 PM

The place where I rent has a dishwasher, my new owned home does not. Thanks for these tips... certainly going to need them soon.

5 Tips for Cutting Down On Dirty Dishes Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/3/14 10:38 AM

For everyone asking about cold brewed coffee, or coffee to use in iced coffee, I stumbled across this gem of a recipe a couple years ago and in the summer I am either making cold brewed coffee this way or have some already made:


What's Your Morning Coffee Ritual? And What Do You Want to Learn About Coffee?
2/18/14 03:14 PM


Easy IKEA Lack Hack: How To Make a Nursery Wardrobe Shelf Fresh Mommy Blog
2/14/14 02:29 PM

Fantastic! Full house tour please!

Before & After: Condemned Meth House Gets Majorly Modernized
2/11/14 04:04 PM

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Stylish Storage: 10 Ways To Organize Under Your Sink
2/6/14 01:30 PM

I would love to see bigger pictures or more of this house!

Matt & Mel's Cute Little Yellow House House Call
2/4/14 06:32 PM

I'm a dietitian that works in public health, and this is something I see occasionally. When a breastfed baby has a cow's milk allergy, they are allergic to the protein when it comes through the mother's milk. The same issues can occur with soy as well, unfortunately.

High-Protein, Vegetarian & Dairy-Free Meals for a Breastfeeding Mom? Good Questions
1/31/14 04:35 PM