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I agree with KariMJ that there should be a year-round monthly project reminder so we get some of the rest of our projects tackled.

Weekend Chores: Relax & Celebrate! The January Cure Assignment #22
1/31/14 03:44 PM

My first attempt at the Cure. It was confusing because I did not understand the purpose of the project list and the visioning, since the Cure is basically a deep cleaning & clearing regimen. Did get a couple things done on my project list and wish I had spent the "visioning" day getting started on the kitchen because my vision happened to be in my home office--and there was no time to even touch that room. Next year I will know that my projects should be related to cleaning and organizing so that more of them will get done as I go. Also those of us w/houses or more than one bedroom (my office is the 2nd BR & there's also a laundry & basement) should add an extra week or two to the beginning or end of the project--and schedule our "event" accordingly--so we do not feel as overwhelmed or get so far behind. The pluses, however, were worth the effort. Doing a tough job with others is more fun & encouraging than doing it alone. My house looks & feels 100% better & I got rid of sacks and boxes of stuff that I no longer need or use.

Weekend Chores: Relax & Celebrate! The January Cure Assignment #22
1/31/14 03:38 PM

The kitchen alone took 45 minutes so my "quick clean" took an hour and a half once I got to it this morning. (Yes, we cleaned kitchens 3 weeks ago, but I cook & bake a lot and we have pets.)

Final Stretch: The 60 Minute Quick Clean The January Cure Assignment #20
1/30/14 09:19 PM

Not having company this weekend as I was falling behind on the Cure (live in a small house, not an apt), but intend to have my daughter & her husband over for supper soon. Since I didn't need to shop for a party, had time today to start on that huge basement bookshelf that was too overwhelming last week. My husband operates his business from our basement, so half of the books are business-related, so I don't dare get rid of any of them (wish he would!) but did pack a wine case box full for the thrift shop & set aside 8 more books to give to the grandkids.

The Last Lap: Gather Some Goodies The January Cure Assignment #21
1/30/14 09:09 PM

Whoo hoo! Four boxes & two sacks of outboxes to the thrift shop! Still have to try to sell some items & the basement bookshelves have not been touched. Will put off hanging the pictures for another day because when we get good weather here (sunny & in the 20s), it's time to cross-country ski a little.

Final Stretch: The 60 Minute Quick Clean
1/29/14 01:23 PM

Will do tomorrow. Today is the only day temps are above zero this week, so need to dispose of the out boxes I could not take out during the severe weather and, if time, hang several framed pictures I could not hang yesterday due to the need to shovel snow. I now know why northern women traditionally do spring and fall--not winter--housecleaning!

Final Stretch: The 60 Minute Quick Clean
1/29/14 10:28 AM

Thought the living room would be easy--and it was, compared to the rest of the weekend assignments. But then I decided to clean the upholstery on two chairs that have not been shampooed since before we moved here, four years ago. That was work, but worth it; they look much better now (low-humidity midwestern winters help upholstery dry quickly.) Still have a couple pieces of furniture to move & clean behind and half of the blinds to vacuum, but that can be done tomorrow. Blizzard here in the Midwest so we won't be going anywhere tomorrow anyhow--the driveway is blown in & as evening fell, I saw a tow truck pulling a vehicle out of a drift in the road that goes by our house. Another Snow Day. The out boxes will have to wait for better weather to be taken to the thrift store/recyclers.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Outbox, Living Room & Lighting January Cure Assignment #17
1/26/14 07:26 PM

This weekend project does not overwhelm since the living room is the best-kept room in the house. Nice to hear that others are struggling with "catch up;" you are not alone. The books and paper/desk organizing will keep me busy into February and I am glad that I was not overly optimistic and did not schedule a guest event yet. (Sorry Janel, but that's reality for many of us. It is my first try at "the Cure" and I had not expected as much deep cupboard cleaning as it entails.) Cannot get rid of everything in my out boxes over the weekend, as the local thrift shop only accepts donations on weekdays.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Outbox, Living Room & Lighting January Cure Assignment #17
1/24/14 01:32 PM

OK I will reduce the task to a manageable one for today by limiting it to the CDs and videos. Forget the books for now. The basement is full of shelves of books and there are small shelves for books in several other rooms. It would take days and I still haven't gotten to the paper management and cord projects because of finishing up the bedroom & bath. We don't have nearly as many DVDs, etc. so I will get the electronic stuff done today!!! Also need to get rid of the stuff in the out boxes ASAP but it's been too cold here to haul it out.

Lightening Up: Declutter Media Collections January Cure Assignment #16
1/23/14 04:23 PM

another assignment that is too daunting for a single day. But I can probably manage 10 items. My outboxes are full to overflowing. I need to go thru & get rid of the stuff I've already been discarding. I can see that, for me, this should have been a two-month challenge. My counter & dresser tops are cluttered with stuff I've removed from cabinets & need to do something with or find another place for or--very likely--eventually put in one of the outboxes. Forget fresh flowers. Flowers do nothing for a cluttered counter or table. Overwhelmed.

Lightening Up: Declutter Media Collections January Cure Assignment #16
1/23/14 02:32 PM

Laundering ALL bedding in the dead of winter in not reasonable for people in the far north. Cannot hang quilts, etc. on lines to dry. That is a task I take care of in the spring and fall of the year.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Bedroom Cleaning & Wardrobe Organizing The January Cure: Assignment # 12
1/21/14 12:04 PM

I hate cleaning around cords but won't be getting out to purchase any of the cord-hiding devices today. I am also so far behind on the cure that I'm glad that when my "guest event" was cancelled this week due to an inclement weather forecast, that I have not (and won't) reschedule. Some of the assignments were just too time consuming to get done. Glad I've gotten done what I did, but the rest of this group is so far ahead of me that I'll not reasonably be able to catch up.

Worth It: Clear Up Cord Clutter January Cure Assignment #14
1/21/14 11:59 AM

Media fast worked so well, I think I will do it regularly one evening EVERY week. Got a lot of sorting & de-cluttering done & rewarded myself w/an extra long shower, a cup of fat-free cocoa & embroidering for a little while. AND I was in bed before 11 p.m.

Unplug for an Evening: Try a Media Fast The January Cure: Assignment # 10
1/16/14 12:50 PM

My main Jan project is to sort thru & discard the boxes of kitchen stuff, decorations & old linens in my basement--still unpacked from a move four years ago. My upstairs "out" box, plus another I added, are already full to overflowing thanks to the sorting I did upstairs last night during the media fast. Thanks for giving me a day to actually work on this project. And thanks to a winter storm coming in here, my evening activity got cancelled, so I have all day for it.

The Halfway Point!: Project Progress The January Cure: Assignment #11
1/16/14 11:30 AM

Media fast will begin by 1 p.m., as soon as I finish typing up something for my church. Will use the time to "catch up" (glad to hear I was not the only one who could not finish my kitchen in one weekend) and maybe get started on my January reorganizing project.

Unplug for an Evening: Try a Media Fast The January Cure: Assignment # 10
1/15/14 01:15 PM

good ideas, but spent the time I had for cleaning/organizing today still working on the kitchen. Janel, please give us more time for the kitchen next year and break it into smaller pieces like, "today, clean one or two cupboards." Thanks.

The Clutter Filter: Create a Landing Strip January Cure: Assignment 9
1/14/14 08:38 PM

I wish the tasks were spread out more evenly. Basically wasted one day last week "visioning" a problem area in one room when I should have gotten started on the kitchen. Could not possibly do the entire kitchen (cleaning ALL the cupboards? Really?) in one weekend. Not unless I did not have a life...had three social events to attend. So am trying to do some of it today. Will have to put off doing inviting now until tomorrow. So I'm behind.

Keep Yourself on Track: Get a
Get-Together Together
January Cure: Assignment # 8

1/13/14 02:32 PM