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I love Replacements! I got married in the summer of 2012, and my mother gave me the china and silver that belonged to my grandmother and namesake. I was able to create a registry with Replacements for items in both of these patterns (neither of which is still in production). People could just call in and ask what was on my list. Customer service was wonderful, and everything arrived in perfect condition. I would highly recommend Replacements to anyone wanting to create a wedding registry, or anyone looking to build up or complete a vintage set. Would love to tour the warehouse sometime. I'm thinking road trip!

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1/14/14 05:59 PM

I wish the "cure" would also take care of the nasty cold that's settled into our home for the past two weeks! Having a sick baby and hubby, and being sick myself, has limited the kinds of things I can tackle. None of us had the energy for a deep clean in the kitchen this weekend, so that stays on my list along with some of the floors that still need attention.

However, I did manage to do a few things that have been on my list for months: hang a frame that's been leaning against a wall in our bedroom, rehang another frame that needed to move after rearranging other furniture, and tackle three sewing projects from my "pile" that's been moving around our dining room since our first baby arrived last May. I also took some measurements for the small projects I'm working on this month (adding a shelf to an existing bookshelf and creating a blackout shade for our bedroom). The new orchid looks great in our dining room, and it feels even better to know I can continue to make progress even when I'm not feeling my best. Mental note for those nights I come home exhausted from work.

As for a gathering, something small with family, perhaps a dinner on Friday or a brunch on Saturday or Sunday, depending on hubby's work schedule. Won't know that until later this month, so can't do too much planning yet. Guess tonight's another chance to do something else!

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