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My big project this month is to create a functional entryway. Not quite finished yet, though I may send a before and after picture anyway as its such a huge improvement. I actually like coming home now. A couple weeks ago I dreaded walking through the door.

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1/16/14 10:18 AM

I love this! I've tried to implement a media fast one evening a week this month.1-2 hours before bed It really makes a difference in how balanced I feel. It allows for time to write letters or journal , read a book, or spend time with others at home.

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1/15/14 10:31 AM

Ahhh Monday morning and I am exhausted from the weekend ( in a good way). I spent ALL day Saturday cleaning my kitchen. Tackled the fridge first which put me in a cleaning frenzy for the rest of the day. Sunday morning I invited my parents over for brunch and Sunday evening had a few friends over for a causal soup dinner.

I am looking forward to inviting a few close friends over feb 3 ( my half birthday) for wine and cheese. Stealing the Brie idea:)

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1/13/14 09:45 AM