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I am in the same situation. I was clipping along until I got to the kitchen w/e. After reading a few of the posts here and there it seems either families are doing this as a group project or the assignment time frame is truly meant for apartment size homes and/or for people that work part-time. Rather than be frustrated by my "behindness" I am stretching out the chores for the next few months. My husband and teenage son have no interest in joining the January Cure and I knew that when I started. In the middle of my kitchen cleaning my son asked if we were moving! ;) It's all good. Set your own time frame....less stress and we all need that!

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1/25/14 11:58 AM

You are not the only one behind! The kitchen task for the weekend was HUGE! I started Fri. evening after work and continued through Sun. night and still am not finished! I look at the January Cure as a guideline and it will only work if I do not get stressed out. Plus it appears from some posts that multiple family members may be involved in the cleaning. That would make a difference for staying on task, too. Stay positive! :)

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1/13/14 11:35 AM

Depending on where you live you might need a few extra boot trays for this time of year. I came across a baking pan that was too wide for my oven and it fits perfectly as a boot tray near my front door.

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1/12/14 12:37 PM