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Great weekend! Did the living room and full house scrub of the floors again. Cleared the outbox except a few boxes of old piano sheet music a friend will soon pick up. Also finished organizing my digital photos that have been accumulating since 2006 (and moved from 3 different computers). This has taken me all month and was on my main list. Now just waiting for photo shop to offer their 9 cent special to get them printed and into albums.
I have accomplished so much this month, I am going to make January Cure an 'every other month cure' using your assignments and my personal to-do list.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Outbox, Living Room & Lighting January Cure Assignment #17
1/26/14 10:28 PM

I did it!... have a huge bag of business clothes and a bag of hotel shampoos and lotions never used that are going to a women's shelter on Monday. Still have the side table and desk to organized. Can't believe I actually got my rear in gear and did what I said I would. Thanks for the push!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Bedroom Cleaning & Wardrobe Organizing The January Cure: Assignment # 12
1/18/14 07:59 PM

Of all the assignments for the January Cure, this will be my most challenging and the one I have most dreaded. But I will be diligent and get rid of those things I have been holding on for years (you know... the just in case I lose a little or just in case I gain a little). My mantra will be "Enough is enough".

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Bedroom Cleaning & Wardrobe Organizing The January Cure: Assignment # 12
1/17/14 09:25 AM

Wow... January Cure has been great for me. This weekends task forced me to complete projects I have put off for far too long. I have a clean oven, clean fridge, clean cupboards and have thrown out old spices, teas, and numerous other long ignored items.
Tomorrow I'm attempting a new method of cooking an eye of the round roast.
My beautiful yellow tulips are still gorgeous from last weekend. This week I'm going on a hunt for sunflowers.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/11/14 10:48 PM