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This is a brilliant idea--and definitely agree with jessws61, the landlord will want the nook to remain in the unit! Wouldn't be surprised if the idea was copied for other units in the building.

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3/23/14 03:15 PM

My thoughts exactly, Nicole x 3. While opinions are great, it's also nice to remain positive while expressing them. :)

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3/8/14 02:29 PM

Being mindful and setting positive intentions is such an important component of being happy not just on Mondays, but in general. I've found that when I make this a daily priority? Everything else falls into place, regardless of the nature of the task, and I end up completing the other four steps mentioned in this list without even trying.

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1/12/14 10:50 AM

I was wondering the exact same thing about #2...

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1/11/14 06:16 PM