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For things like wrapping around fresh herbs or a bunch of fresh spinach to keep them fresh longer, I use a cloth napkin instead of paper towels. For most other things, I use thin dish towels, although I might have to seek out some flour sack towels.

I keep paper towels around for cat hairballs and draining bacon and fried foods. A roll lasts quite a long time.

What Is the Best Replacement for Paper Towels in the Kitchen? Good Questions
4/16/14 10:33 AM

Never mind the rest of the Easter dinner. I think I want that dip, some crusty bread, and a bottle of wine (shared) for Friday supper! Maybe a salad on the side if I'm feeling particularly healthy.

Recipe: Baked Brie with Herbed Artichokes Entertaining Recipes from The Kitchn
4/15/14 09:13 PM

Hard boil the ones that have been sitting in your fridge for a week or two. Even with store bought eggs, I find it easier to peel the eggs that have spent a week sitting in my fridge first (I tend to hard boil the old ones when I go shopping and buy new ones).

How To Boil Eggs Perfectly Every Time Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/15/14 08:49 PM

I would assume that these are things that they either use regularly, or enjoy looking at enough to want to keep around, despite space limitations. If it was up to my dh, we wouldn't have a coffee maker at all, and the electric kettle would either be gone in favour of a pot on the stove or buried in the back of the appliance cupboard. I don't want to go without my daily cups of coffee, and my oldest two like daily after school cups of hot chocolate (and with weekend breakfast), so both stay on the otherwise mostly empty counter, along with the toaster.

What each person considers important, useful, and pretty enough to keep in their kitchen is highly variable.

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/15/14 08:44 PM

I keep a step stool in the kitchen to reach the top shelves on the cabinets. I'm only 5'2", so even the top shelf of our 30" cabinets is out of reach without it. Our ceiling in the kitchen is low (or rather the floor is high vs the rest of the house), so there's not room for taller cabinets. The stuff I reach for muliple times per day is on the first shelf (cups, mugs, plates, bowls, oils and vinegars, measuring cups) and the daily/ more than once a week stuff is on the second shelf (dishwasher safe wine glasses, glass baking dishes, mixing bowls, colanders, extra mugs), the once a week or less stuff is on the shelf that needs a step.

And I don't keep extra bags in the bottom of garbage bags because my kids feel the need to stuff the bag beyond full rather than empty and replace it themselves, so punctures and leaks are not unusual. I keep the extra bags for the kitchen can in the same drawer as the baggies, aluminum foil, wax paper, and parchment paper, and I don't buy a huge box of them at a time. We go through about 3 small bags per week, so a pack of 20 lasts plenty long enough. Composting when the bin is not frozen solid reduces that number.

I have to assume that anyone who would choose to put their microwave on top of their fridge is taller than I am or uses it rarely. I feel the same way about the over the range microwave/hoods that seem so popular.

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/15/14 08:38 PM

For anything other than a very temporary display, I all can think about is the dust. Yuck.

As an aside, I love the giant scrabble letters over the crib in the second picture.

Not Your Grandmother's Centerpiece: Five Fresh Ways to Use Faux Flowers
4/15/14 07:14 PM

Have you considered turning up your fridge temperature slightly? If I turn my meat drawer to the coldest "meat" setting (it has 3--two meat, one that says vegetables), it slowly freezes things, but other than that, slightly adjusting my fridge temp a touch lower has solved frozen lettuce problems across the rest of the fridge. I use a fridge thermometer to make sure the rest of stays at or below 40F.

5 Small Ways to Reorganize Your Fridge for Smarter Cooking
4/15/14 06:58 PM

Many of these would be okay with a non mobile infant, but once a baby starts to move around on their own, crib bars and rails are used to pull up and reach and grab anything possible. This frequently happens faster than you think possible. Dangling stuffed animals and rope ladders are far too tempting to be safe for babies beyond the newborn stage. Then when they become toddlers, you've got a whole new set of problems going on. lol

Let's Get Vertical! Smart Uses of Vertical Space in Kids Rooms
4/15/14 05:09 PM

I'd have a personal home office with a pullout couch or futon so it can function as a guest room too. We have 4 bedrooms, but with 4 kids, that still leaves us one short, so no where near an extra room. I'd love a room of my own that no one else is allowed into to mess up.

What Would You Do With an Extra Room?
4/14/14 02:18 PM

I love the sink and backsplash, and that the renovation seems appropriate to the age of the home for the most part. The above the sink pan storage is great.

Kitchen Before & After: A Truly Amazing Transformation for $3,500 Reader Kitchen Remodel
4/14/14 09:05 AM

Interesting. For me, the most important thing is to keep like items together and to keep things consistently in the same places. So in my fridge, all the jams and nut butter and maple syrup go in the breakfast door bin. All the mayo, ketchup, and dressings go in the condiment door bin. The pickles go in the pickle door bin. Fruit and small bits of vegetables go in the fruit bin (it's a closed bin in the door designed for fruit). Eggs, extra milk, and extra juice (not yet opened) go on the top shelf. Then milk, open juice, wine, cider, water jug go on a central shelf. A small shelf for leftovers and individual yogurt portions, a dairy bin for cheese, sour cream, etc., and then a big veggie bin, with the bottom bin being a meat/extra unopened dairy/big bag of carrots bin.

That's the arrangement that works for us, but I still feel like having a place for each type of item you store is the biggest key to having an organized fridge and knowing what's in there. What goes where will depend on individual needs and preferences.

5 Small Ways to Reorganize Your Fridge for Smarter Cooking
4/14/14 08:04 AM

Very nice. I really like blue kitchens, and that shade of blue is particularly calming. I agree that some blue and white china in the cabinet would add some nice colour and probably be more practical to reach for when cooking at the stove than a cupboard full of glasses.

Before & After: A Seriously Stylish Kitchen Renovation on a Budget One Kings Lane
4/11/14 12:58 PM

The article has been edited since it was first posted.

How To Choose Maple Syrup and Get the Most Out Of It Maker Tour
4/10/14 12:14 PM

I agree. Leather pulls on bedroom or office furniture would be okay (if I could stop thinking of the animal it came from), but leather or any other "soft" surface pulls (rope, fabic) in my kitchen are a hygienic nightmare. I use my kitchen and way too often I need to pull open a drawer when in the middle of preparing food.

Leather Cabinet Handle and Pulls
4/10/14 10:43 AM

I'm pretty sure that Quebec, not Vermont, produces most of the world's maple syrup, so I'm curious at how Vermont became dubbed #1 producer of maple syrup in the world for this article.

How To Choose Maple Syrup and Get the Most Out Of It Maker Tour
4/10/14 10:26 AM

I will add that you can always clean and polish them up for now, and decide to paint them later on if you really want them lighter/brighter. Once you've painted them you're pretty much stuck with paint.

Would You Paint These Vintage Laminate Pieces? Good Questions
4/10/14 08:56 AM

Like others, I suspect they are veneer rather than laminate.

Personally, I'd clean and polish them and enjoy them as is. I would love the bottom half as a tv/media stand and I really like the idea of adding legs and using the other half as a bookcase. Or maybe mounting it on the wall at a level to use it as a bar.

Would You Paint These Vintage Laminate Pieces? Good Questions
4/10/14 08:55 AM

When we moved into our house, the living room, which only gets a couple of hours of sunlight in the late afternoon, was painted two saturated colours of green. A hunter green on the top 2 feet of the wall and the ceiling, and a somewhat less dark buy equally saturated green on the bottom 6 feet of the wall. It felt like a cave. When we finally got around to removing the old carpet, painting, and putting in new flooring, it was such a huge relief to not feel like we were entering the cave of despair every time we walked into the room. Even the coat of primer made it look so much better and brighter.

At any rate, colour me skeptical about saturated colours in a dark room.

How To Pick a Perfect Paint Color for a Low Light Room
4/7/14 04:55 PM

The dining room set reminds me of my parent's dining room set, so I immediately had happy feelings toward the house.

Hope and Pete's Bohemian Modern Abode House Tour
4/5/14 09:33 PM

Beautiful! I love the butcher block table and the lights over it.

Kitchen Before & After: A Beautiful, Budget-and-Kid-Friendly Renovation Reader Kitchen Remodel
4/3/14 09:44 AM