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I did this last year and wow! How many empty lotions, foot scrubs, hand salves does one person need? While I didn't throw it all out, I did a mini-challenge (with big pay off). I committed to USING UP EVERYTHING in my cabinets before buying anything else. I haven't spent money on lotion for a year. Somethings I was able to combine to make less bottles. But the biggie was this: I created a "spa bucket" (in one of those little caddies, you know. From the dorm shower days?) And now, once a week I have a "spa night" in the bathroom. Hot bath, glass of wine, smelly oils, foot scrub... So there you go. January Cure=cabinet cleanout=weekly spa night=less stuff=more happy.

Declutter & Organize: Bathroom Cabinets Cleanout The January Cure: Assignment # 15
1/22/14 10:26 AM