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I have a boy and a girl and we do have a ton of different colors in their shared room-I was more worried about the bumper. I would be curious as to how old Asher is. I do really like that this looks like a real child's room- the mixing of elements and furniture- makes it very cozy!

Asher's Modern Nest Professional Project
3/14/14 01:03 PM

Both rooms look great. You guys did a nice job of scaling down when you had to.

Nemo's Downsized Digs My Room
2/19/14 08:20 PM

Yay! So happy to see Curtis on here- he is one of my favorites!

Mariachi Bands & Spiny Lobsters: Curtis Stone's Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas Valentine's Day Menus From the Experts
2/10/14 12:33 PM

I feel the same way. I shouldn't care- but all the hard work and handmadeness- might not translate as well as I think and then I would probably cry if I got mean comments lol.

Share Your DIY Decor Project
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1/31/14 03:18 PM

I can't even believe this! I have a 5 year old who missed the NY cut off for school by hours- so she's been home for 3 years and in preschool. My 18m old has stopped early morning naps and I just had this same thought this morning! It becomes so manageable that it does make you feel new again. Then when the little one comes home you are ready. I love my time with my little boy. We have special snacks and play games that sometimes his siter won't always share with him!!

A Counterintuitive Idea for Worn Out Parents to Feel Reinvigorated
1/27/14 11:37 AM

I like bins- I like the bins, bins, bins. The first one is very organized- but as we have started to rearrange our living room and my 18m old has started to get into my 5 yr old's games & puzzles we are torn on how/where to put them. The closet reminded me if the games are too high up the kids can't get to them so for us that wouldn't work- plus if I can't see stuff I totally forget about it! games? what games?! lol some great inspiration! thanks

Organization Inspiration: Ideas for Efficient Kids' Closets
1/15/14 10:09 AM

If you use a powder- you could always make your own clothing powder- I've used this recipe the most- it is fun to make and use! We like to mix it up with the Dr.Bronner's soaps.

What Are Your Favorite Natural & Green Products for Kids?
1/11/14 10:48 AM

We love all of the Badger products. They have low raitings on the EWG website and I love the company. They make great stuff. We use castille soap, vit e oil or jojoba oil. To clean I use baking soda as an abrasive and water & vinegar with lemon or an essential oil. If something has too many ingredients I try to steer clear. We use Jason toothpaste for the kids and Tom's for ourselves. But basically I try to read labels a million times- companies like to be sneaky!

What Are Your Favorite Natural & Green Products for Kids?
1/10/14 06:55 PM