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We had an infestation of Fungus gnats last winter and they're just starting up again this winter. I'm surprised that no one mentioned having one fly up your nose. . . not fun. . . anyway, I like the sand approach, but I found a product on the Garden's Alive website called "Knock-out Gnats"- which worked beautifully. I combined the Knock-out treatments with Sticky butterfly sticks they sell also. The Knock-out Gnat granules are some sort of iron based mineral that are eaten by the larvae in the soil. . . and it kills them. It doesn't kill the adults, but if the larvae die, there are no more gnats. . . Caught hundreds of the adults on the sticky butterflies and within 2-3 weeks most all were gone. After a month, no more gnats. You just mix the granules with water and water thoroughly. I may try out the sand for my cacti and aloes. . .

How To Get Rid Of House Plant Gnats?
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1/10/14 06:40 PM