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Yep, I'm a single mom to a three year old and work full-time during the day and am taking two online classes for a professional development program. What was time to clean the house is now time to do coursework. I am going to hire someone to help me with the deep cleaning stuff! It is exhausting-- and I'd rather be keeping my kid entertained than attempting to clean the house and entertain her. Why stress over it?! Life is too short. Besides, if you have a housecleaner to help you, then you will have more time to organize your pantry and clean the fridge. How I do it now is stay up wayyyy to late cleaning, doing laundry, or washing dishes and then oversleep or find myself ready for a nap by noon the next day. It's gotta stop! Wish I had better ideas... other than to get the kids involved!

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1/10/14 04:48 PM