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And, of course, the cat!

Mike's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
3/29/14 12:20 PM

This space is SO quirky and intriguing! I love the "spinster chic," especially all of the labware and medical/science oddities.

Mike's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
3/29/14 12:19 PM

My cat is FAR too mischievous to "train." It's her world, I'm just living in it, and I am fine with that. Luckily, she generally stays off of the counter. I disinfect it frequently, since I assume she's up there when I'm not around. Even though she is everywhere, I have never gotten sick with a cat-related illness. And I don't even really understand the "unsanitary" part of this post. Fur and allergens are much more of an issue than disease. Just clean your surfaces, and it isn't an issue.

Keep Out: Pet-free Zones at Home?
3/13/14 11:40 AM

This is an interesting way of addressing an important problem, and I hope both projects are successful. Given the strange class dynamic here, I love seeing things like this on AT.

Can Tiny Houses Help Solve the Problem of Homelessness?
2/26/14 01:37 PM

My cat, Lucy, is a nuisance, and I love her dearly for it. Her love as well as her crazy antics have gotten me through some very tough times, and I am extremely grateful for my (12 years old) kitty baby. She is really the best thing about my apartment. It turns out that I am actually extremely allergic to cats, but no amount of bodily dysfunction could make me abandon her. Loving a cat is one of the best things, and losing a cat is one of the hardest. So sorry about Chloe.

10 Reasons Living with a Cat is the
Very Best

2/21/14 11:46 AM

I definitely find the color and shape of the top one most appealing, but I would never in a million years spend that much money on it. Given the choice of these three, I'd keep looking.

Splurge, Save, or Steal: Gothic Quatrefoil Mirrors
1/29/14 02:01 PM

I would love to stay in a guestroom with a Hustle print. Just sayin...

Elizabeth's Cure: A Sweeter Guest Suite Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/27/14 11:35 AM

This is the best idea for a before/after I've seen on AT. I want one.

Before & After: Kicked to the Curb Night Stand to Kicking It Up a Notch Play Kitchen
1/23/14 08:33 PM

A name that you might find "boring" can still have meaning. My mom named my cat Lucy after a combo of Lucille Ball and Lucy from the peanuts gang because, like them, she is a lovable and feisty little troublemaker. It suits her well.

Also, since I think of my cat primarily as a family member, I like that she has a human name.

Most Popular Pet Names in 2013 Design News
1/13/14 06:40 PM

I'm not sure why everyone is being so harsh--Tess said she doesn't expect her family to provide for her, and different families do things differently. Let's clear out the high horses, folks.

That said, as a recent college graduate working in an entry level (and low paying) job, I identify with the idea of this post. I have NO extra money, so I always struggle with financial anxiety when I buy something for my home or myself. (The only things I don't feel badly about are groceries, cleaning supplies, and cat care.) My general strategy is to carefully prioritize and try to fill the need by re-purposing things that I already have first. In the case of sheets, that isn't really an option. If it's a necessity and I can't be resourceful about it, I search for an at least 50% off sale. That way, I feel like I'm winning retail.

Hoped-For Household Gifts: Did You Receive Them? Will You Buy Them?
1/10/14 10:52 AM