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For the people saying "admit you're never going to read them again" -- how do you know? Some people don't reread, some people do. I reread a LOT. I go through my bookshelves regularly and get rid of the books I know I'm never going to read again, but that still leaves a lot of books, which I'm fine with. I just had a custom double-sided bookshelf/pantry room divider built for my loft.

For Jennifer, I think the only way to do this is to buy ebook versions and go through and transcribe your notes. It's going to take a long time, but less than trying to scan your books, and you'll end up with a much more useable result. And you can do it a few at a time until you're done. My problem would be stopping transcribing and starting reading as I went through them...

Tips For Digitizing Personal Library? Good Questions
5/11/12 01:44 PM

When I moved last I went through my books and got rid of the ones I was sure I'd never read again and meant nothing to me personally. There's no point in lugging those around, and culling them every now and then is a good idea. You don't need to keep every book you've ever owned, although it took me overflowing my bookshelves to accept that. The winnowing, however, still left me with hundreds of books. I currently live in a fairly large loft space, and am using a 5x5 Expedit as a room divider. It's full from both sides, and I still have a few books in boxes. It was a bit of a puzzle, too, making everything fit by balancing the deeper books on one side with paperbacks on the other while still distributing the weight evenly to reduce the chances of the whole thing toppling over.

Anyway, I think you should use this opportunity to evaluate your books, but keep the ones you want to keep. I kept two boxes next to each other when I was packing, one to move and one to sell. Label each clearly, and head to the used book store after each packing session. And try not to buy too many new books while you're there. ;)

A Bookworm's Dilemma: Ditch Books When Downsizing?
1/24/12 11:57 AM

The person selling the sofa is a frequent reseller -- they buy at estate sales, haul the stuff home, snap pictures outside, and then store it until they sell it. I live in Minneapolis, but alas have no need of another sofa. It's hard not to buy it anyway.

The Daily Scavenger: Midwest Edition

12/8/11 01:39 PM

Check out this fabulous sofa in Minneapolis:


I so wish I had a place for it, but alas, it's not even in my future remodeling plans. Hope someone gets it who'll love it!

The Daily Scavenger: Midwest Edition

12/7/11 05:25 PM

Atmosklear is the best odor neutralizer I've ever come accross. It's available at some hardware stores or on-line. It doesn't cover up the smell with perfume, it really gets rid of it. Of course, if the smell is coming from outside your studio, it will come back. But this is still worth trying, especially if you don't want your place to smell like flowers, oranges, or whatever.

Long-Lasting Home Odor Solution?
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10/14/11 11:33 AM

I also have the Strut in watermelon, and also have tons of tiny scratches and one small chip. I'm planning on trying a polishing compound to get out the scratches, but there's only so many times you can do that, and I don't want to damage the finish further, so I've been hesitatant.

I still love it, though.

How Durable Are Lacquered Dining Tables?
10/6/11 01:15 PM

The asbestos is safe now. However, if the tiles start to wear or chip, they will release small amounts of asbestos. Plus the cost issue of eventual removal. I don't think it's worth the risk, personally.

Safe to Install Vintage Tiles in My Home?
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9/6/11 06:26 PM

I love the black marble oval version, but it's too wide for my space so I went with a blu dot strut in watermelon instead. I love it, but I still sigh every time I see one at the Room & Board outlet.

The (Elusive) Saarinen Tulip Table in Black
9/2/11 12:14 PM

I'd do it, and I don't think it would be too Better Homes & Gardens unless you went overboard matchy-matchy with accessories. Pictures when you're done!

What Color To Paint West Elm Chairs?
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3/3/11 10:55 AM


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5/4/10 02:59 PM

I've been thinking about doing this. I have an alley kitchen with limited cabinet space, but 14' ceilings. I could easily add another layer of cabinets above the existing ones. The "get in the way" factor has been what's stopping me. Moving it back and forth so it wouldn't be in the way while cooking would drive me crazy.

Library Ladders In the Kitchen | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/25/10 05:56 PM

Those of you who don't use fabris softener and don't have a problem with static, where do you live? I use a (green) detergent with fabric softener built in, and in the winter in MN sometimes the clothes are still clinging to each other when I take them out of the dryer. Climate makes a big difference!

Doing Laundry the Danny Seo Way | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/26/10 03:39 PM

Google Sketch-Up is also an excellent free online tool for planning, but it can do full 3D models. I took extensive measurments of my new condo at the home inspection, and went home and built a full model of it to play with paint colors, flooring, and of course furniture placement so I could make the major decisions necessary before I moved in.

I furnished "for now" using existing pieces and Craigslist finds, but when I'm ready to buy any major new pieces you can bet I'll have my netbook in my bag and will sit right down and add the piece to the model to see how it will fit.

How To Create a Furniture Placement Plan Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/9/10 11:19 AM

I sleep hot, and am comfortable in low temps in general, but I live in Minnesota, in a loft with huge windows and high ceilings, and am a cheapskate. So I keep my thermostat set very low, and have an electric blanket on my bed. I turn it on 30 - 60 minutes before bedtime, and then turn it off when I go to bed. It takes the chill off the sheets and makes it so I don't lose body heat warming up the bed.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, is always cold at temps I find comfortable, so when he stays over he turns his side up to high to warm up the bed and then turns it down halfway at bedtime. That's the beauty of two dials -- you can each be happy.

Heated Mattress Pads and Other Unnecessary Necessities | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/5/10 03:42 PM

Not only has the furniture been changed in the closet shot, but all the shoes have been turned around so the heels face out instead of the toes. I can't imagine doing that to someone else's shoes.

A Study In Contrasts: Two Magazines Feature One Space Habitually Chic | Apartment Therapy New York
1/29/10 09:52 AM


Rebecca's Comfy LA Pad House Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/6/10 11:18 AM

Also, if you find more MCM pieces too big for your place by the dumpster, let me know! I just moved into a loft in downtown Minneapolis, and need to replace all my traditional furniture. ;)

Can This Cherner Chair be Rescued? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/6/10 11:17 AM

If you're artistic, I'd try what retroseksualdotcom suggests above but paint on wood grain by hand in a dark stain before restaining the entire piece. The chunk on the back is pretty big, so it would be difficult to get it looking right, but the one on the seat should be pretty easy to do with a fine brush and a steady hand. And if you don't like it, sand again and don't worry about it.

Can This Cherner Chair be Rescued? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/6/10 11:15 AM

What kind of sofa is that, pretty please?

Rebecca's Comfy LA Pad House Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/5/10 06:49 PM

Ah well. Thanks anyway!

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