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I see that opinions are divided into "shop on Instagram" and "do not shop on Instagram". Well, I belong to the first group :) It's amazing how many unqiue items I have found and bought using Instagram. But as someone have mentioned, it's a bit hard to understand how the garment really look like on a little photo on your phone. But this problem can be easily solved if using services like www.statigr.am on your computer/laptop. You can search there a specific hashtag and Insta photos on desktop are way larger then on the phone. Or the other option is to use sites like www.inselly.com - that's a kind of a search engine for everything that's for sale on Instagram. You can choose specific country (US), specific category (Kids & Babies) and scroll through hundreds of offers from Instagram! This makes Insta shopping a really exciting thing :)

Instagram Closet Shopping: The New Way to Buy Children's Clothes Secondhand?
1/9/14 11:23 AM