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Wondering how they dealt with chemical remnants if it was a meth house. I am sure they addressed it, but I wonder how. Short of ripping it down to the studs, I thought that stuff lived in the drywall forever, but I could be wrong...

Before & After: Condemned Meth House Gets Majorly Modernized
2/11/14 10:38 AM

"That said, the level of writing, research and detail on Apartment Therapy often reassembles a homemade blog, and that's unfortunate."

Pot, meet kettle. ;)

12 Most Valuable Home Improvements You Can Make this Year
2/3/14 01:48 PM

Grew up in naked family! Mostly the nudity would stay with the same gender, but my father always hung out in his undies. If I ever invited a friend over, I would have to call ahead to tell my dad to put a shirt on.

My husband and I now have a hybrid naked home. We will gladly frolic naked (we often have great conversations as one sits on the closed toilet seat and the other showers) and pee with the door open, but any other bodily functions stay under wraps to keep things sexy.

Are You From a Naked Family?
1/9/14 11:10 AM