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You could use it as a planter.

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6/27/14 02:54 PM


Pittsburgh, PA

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Why not opt for a folding table you can store and put away. I use one that folds for my dinner parties. You can dress it up with a nice table cloth and even get chair covers for the folding chairs. Then, you just put it in a closet.
I was able to find one that folds into a neat square for storage.

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1/28/10 09:47 AM

My Husband and I recently bought our first home and of coarse I decided to host his entire extended family for a housewarming brunch. I spent days prepping as I really wanted to impress them with the food. Everything was going well and I was just waiting for the quiche (is the plural of quiche, quiche or quiches...) to finish. Soon more than 20 people were sitting at the table eating all the side dishes waiting for slowest cooking quiche ever. After 45 minutes my husband pulled me aside and whispered in my ear that the oven was and had been off the entire time. So there was raw egg mixture sitting in a semi warm oven for over an hour. I decided not to serve the quiche and everyone went home a little hungry and with no intention of returning...

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