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Due to my sister having her baby on Wednesday, I have completely fallen behind due to being out of town. Determined to catch up and finish the Cure on time! The only big thing I haven't done yet is plan a get together, but with the absolutely insane January I've been having, it's going to have to wait until February. Still need to fit in an Ikea trip for frames for my big project, as well as a few other household items, so I'll add some lamps to that list. I haaaate a dark room.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Outbox, Living Room & Lighting January Cure Assignment #17
1/27/14 12:29 AM

I live in a tiny studio too, but am having the opposite problem! I need a sitting chair and a ton of throw pillows. One persons trash is another's treasure :)

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Outbox, Living Room & Lighting January Cure Assignment #17
1/27/14 12:19 AM

Yay! I unfortunately don't have today off, but I went through all my paperwork about 2 weeks ago so it's under control. I open my mail every day, but have a spot for "file later" that I file every couple weeks. Might file those tonight, but there's not much. Assignment 13, complete!

Less Mess & Stress: Getting Your Paperwork & Files Organized January Cure: Assignment # 13
1/20/14 10:55 AM

Living in a studio, my bedroom is also my entire living room (except restroom and kitchen). I can still complete everything on this list, but am least looking forward to the bed flipping as I live alone! I imagine it would be quite hilarious for any onlookers. Will be cleaning out my overstuffed closet and working on my big project this weekend as well. Ambitious intentions!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Bedroom Cleaning & Wardrobe Organizing The January Cure: Assignment # 12
1/17/14 11:07 PM

Feeling a lit unmotivated at the mo. I think my big project (redoing gallery wall) was a bit ambitious and I'm feeling lost. However, I will power on-ikea trip this weekend for new frames as well as picking out new prints and photos. In the meantime I will enjoy my bath tonight and try not to feel discouraged!

The Halfway Point!: Project Progress The January Cure: Assignment #11
1/16/14 11:00 PM

I don't even have an "entryway" on my studio, but a small table next to the door is perfect for me. I already have a landing strip and I didn't even know it! A beautiful vintage mirror, simple table beneath it, and a small dish for my keys and work badge, from my grandmother. The table is a hand me down from ikea and could be replaced, but works perfectly for the time being. Assignment 9 done before 7am!

The Clutter Filter: Create a Landing Strip January Cure: Assignment 9
1/14/14 09:37 AM

I'm struggling with this one a bit. I recently moved and made myself frame everything then, otherwise it was donated. Don't have much left to frame, so I'm thinking a motivational/favorite quote...this is also part of my big project, so I feel that this is a huge step rather than a small one...

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display January Cure: Assignment # 6
1/13/14 11:16 PM

I'm out of town this weekend, on a much needed post holiday fun friends trip. I'm excited to get back home on Sunday and work on this part of the Cure Sunday and Monday nights. My place is pretty organized but could definitely use a good vinegar wipe down!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/11/14 02:50 AM

I moved into a studio in September. After 2 months of not hanging anything up because I couldn't make any decisions, I finally decided to make a gallery wall around my TV. I used frames that I already had- they're okay, but could probably be better. I also just left the old pictures in the frames, some of which are yeeeears old. My project for this month will be replacing the photos in the frames, and potentially getting new frames if necessary. I have looked up inspiration on Pinterest. I plan to have a couple personal photos, some artsy ones, and a couple of my favorite quotes. It's not the biggest project, but it's cost effective and will brighten up my entire living area.

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 09:11 PM