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I will be glad to have this project to do today! I will get off the computer after I comment here! I too, like others, have plans today which will keep me off my phone/computer, like volunteer at school, my knitting circle, and picking up my boys from school and letting them play in the park (which I never am on my phone at that time anyway). Today, during the time I would have to be online, I will read my novel and do some knitting!

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1/15/14 10:28 AM

My job is decluttering and reorganizing corners #1&2 in my dining room. I have a pile of papers and craft supplies on one corner of my dining room table that I often literally have to smash to the side in order to clear my space to eat dinner. Also have knitting supplies behind that space on the floor. I have a file box that I need to label so that many of these papers (kids' school papers, medical EOB's, knit patterns, etc) can be put away consistently once it's straightened up. I am an organized mess type of person, because if you're looking for a certain paper, I can find it and know about where in the pile it is, but it's not looking good. Knitting stuff in the living room, dining room & bedroom need to be organized and all in one spot. The end.;)

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1/8/14 05:09 PM