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Zoƫ (question asker) here.

WOW! Thank you all for these very thoughtful responses and alternative suggestions. It's true, this door really is one of the coolest parts of the apartment - we (bf & I) always bring first-time visitors into the bedroom just to show it to them. And it really is the coolness of it that got me swept up with the idea, but after reading all these posts it's clear it's *not* the way to go. From a courtesy perspective alone, both to landlords and future tenants, it oughtn't be trifled with.

Xarcady put it best: "I think this can be done. I don't think it's a good idea."

Nick Perle- I also think it was a Murphy bed at one point as it has little pegs at the top
LyonStill - Absolutely, I just came to AT first to get a test of whether I should even bother seeking professional consultation. And the resounding answer is no!
MrsJones01 - You're absolutely right about the apartment. It's vintage details like this door (and crown moulding, leaded glass, bay windows and kitchen ice box) that are why we rented it and want to stay.

Anyway...again, thank you all so much! I'll just need to figure something else out. My goal for this year is to make my apartment worthy of submitting as an AT house tour. Perhaps the overhaul will include a better TV solution that ends up on the site!

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1/22/14 12:26 AM

My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment almost a year ago, and it's suffering from being half-baked - some good furniture and some bad, some decoration but not enough, some organization and a lot of clutter.

So, this month, I will be preparing our bedroom for a complete decor overhaul. I'm going to take care of all the little 5-minute fixes, like stabilizing a teetering sideboard (thanks, warped original hardwood), figure out exactly where to put the furniture we like and get rid of what we hate, purge what we don't use or need, and do a lot of thinking about what the room should look like. And then, I'll buy materials and get going next month!

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1/8/14 01:20 PM