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My apartment (railroad; no windows in office or living room) suffers a similar problem. Semi-gloss white paint BLEW MY MIND, it reflects a lot of light on its own. Add to that mirrors (and even framed art) and you can do a good amount of bouncing.

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4/15/14 01:52 PM

After refurnishing two rooms in my apartment, I have a large pile of homeless books and magazines. They're living in the corner near my stationary bike... which is also where I've wanted a small shelf to put a glass of water, washcloth, etc.

I'm going to three-birds it on this one: narrow short bookshelf with weights storage and a small outbox. Trick is: the nook is small. I need something no more than 32"H x 17.5"W x 11"D

Any furniture scouts out there have any suggestions?

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1/8/14 10:59 AM