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I've decided to tackle the great unknown fondly referred to as the dark space under the kitchen sink, and those cabinets where plastic has run amok. I've been trying to transition away from plastic and I am fairly certain there are lids with no containers and containers with no lids lingering just out of reach. I'm going to toss as much as possible and organize the space. Under the sink is where the cute little appliances live that looked awesome on TV but were only used a couple of times. Time to weed out and give away those that will never be used again. I don't go into either spot often, usually just to grab what is sitting right in front. So my big project will be to take on both places. I live in 494 square feet and keep it pretty organized. But there are spots that have doors to hide what lurks behind. Thanks for the incentive to tackle both of these areas that I've been avoiding and ignoring.

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1/8/14 03:23 PM