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The link to #21 is missing.

25 DIY Projects for Small Bedrooms
4/18/14 06:37 PM

I really like that no sew pedestal sink curtain. I pinned the page in case I end up in an apartment with a sink like that (I hope not, but one of my options has one). Thanks!

How To Cleverly Conceal Clutter: DIY Fabric Curtains, Skirts & Covers
4/18/14 01:08 PM

I would rather use the contact paper they used in this AP feature than try to paint it myself. Pairing the paper with the spray paint instead of the copper leaf would make the simplest iteration of this DIY project.

IKEA Coffee Table Gets a Marble-and-Gold Makeover The Hunted Interior
4/7/14 12:51 PM

Hmm...a decent looking fix, but not for a rental. That seems like a tough color to paint over.

Dark Walls May Solve Your Honey Oak Rental Kitchen Blues The Kitchn
3/25/14 12:03 AM

Anybody know where their kitchen light fixture is from?

Kathryn & Joey 's Eclectic, DIY Condo House Call
3/1/14 05:44 PM

A new one won't have this beautiful upholstery and history though. I'm not disagreeing, it is steep, but I mainly wanted to post a picture. ;)

What I Wish I Knew About Home Decor When I Was 22
2/28/14 05:34 PM

I'm a 22 year old and will be moving into my first post-college and post-parents' house apartment in June. I trawl Craigslist all the time and after passing on a dark $50 red velvet armchair that I realized I was in love with too late, I learned that I need to spring for the things I want. I recently found a Herman Miller Eames upholstered shell chair in great condition. It's a DAX with black vinyl back/arms and a black cloth seat. I really like it, but it's a significant chunk of change at $400. Is that the sort of #8 investment piece you recommend that we buy or should I save my money because my tastes might change?

What I Wish I Knew About Home Decor When I Was 22
2/28/14 03:32 PM

My handkerchief window treatment in my bedroom. It was too much of a hassle to hang blinds since I'm leaving soon, and this works beautifully.

Achoo! Vintage Handkerchiefs As Decor
2/26/14 07:03 PM

Thanks! I browse in a tiny window while I'm at work and when I opened AT just a minute ago I noticed the change. It's very helpful and I'm glad that you optimized viewing for little screens, not just phones.

Apartment Therapy Goes Mobile!
2/24/14 01:50 PM

My parents never entertained because my dad felt the house needed to be perfectly clean before anyone came in. Having people over always turned into a fight and I got uncomfortable about having friends over at a young age. It's a shame because my parents bought the house for its semi-open, circular layout (perfect for parties) and it's decorated beautifully... This summer I'll be moving into my first post-college apartment with a few friends. I'm really excited to host but kind of nervous because I've never lived in a "host house" - you know, the friend's house you always go to for parties. I'm expecting to overcompensate and fall into an "oh my god, I'm just like dad" spiral.

Did Your Parents Entertain Often? Reader Question
2/23/14 04:19 PM

Vintage Modern, Explorer, and the traveler...with new country?

Just for Fun Online Design Quizzes:
What Is Your Style?

2/13/14 12:47 AM

What kind of plant is on the green table?

Louiza's Fashion Studio Workspace Tour
2/12/14 11:14 PM

Haha, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe "wipe away the stress"?

10 Inspiring Back-of-the-Door Storage Solutions
2/11/14 03:47 PM

So that black and white marble print is by Debbie Carlos? I can't find anything like it on her site.

Mark's Comfortable Contemporary House Tour
1/29/14 03:28 PM

Any tips on storing stud earrings? Danglies are easy to store because you can hook them on to lots of different storage devices, but I'm having trouble keeping my studs in matching pairs. The teacups would work, but you're still digging for the twin. I think mesh or lace might work but I'm not sure how to implement it.

Stylish Storage: 10 Best Ways to Organize Jewelry
1/16/14 03:57 PM

Me too! I think it looks great, but the angle makes it look like they took out the tile when that didn't.

Before and After: Rita and Cane's Flower Powder Room This Sorta Old Life
1/9/14 07:16 PM

I fucking love that pillow.

Don't Give Up on Your Resolutions: 5 Easy Tricks Guaranteed to Build Good Habits
1/8/14 08:05 PM

This reminds me of a Twin Peaks episode...

A Happier, Heathier New Year's Resolution: Treat Yourself to Small Indulgences to Brighten Your Day
1/7/14 05:24 PM