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No mine will never be done! Don't mean that I'm need new or more things but just today a beautiful painted tray that I inherited from my mom needed to move to the kitchen and so it went!

Why You Should Stop Trying to Complete Your Decor
6/19/14 12:01 AM

There are also lot stylish outlet plates on sites like etsy that are decorative and fun and are not too expensive. Changing out outlets not too complicated (at least my husband makes it look easy!). We
changed our s to square style with stainless plates when we did our reno. eNew countertops, removed my wallpaper, fresh paint and a counter depth refrigerator it looks like a new kitchen. More than $80.00 though so you got a lot of bang for your buck. Nice job!

Before & After: A Small Beige Kitchen Gets an $80 Shake-up!
6/15/14 01:41 PM

I must have been ahead of my time as I used shoe boxes in my underwear drawer back in high school. Won't reveal when that was, but quite some time ago.
Started the filing method w tee shirts two or three ago and works well when kept up. Purging regularly a must!

Have a More Organized Monday: 5 Tips for Tidying Your Dresser Drawers
3/2/14 07:07 PM

I must admit that I will miss the daily reminders. I joined on a whim and must say I never thought I would enjoy cleaning. The Cure provided lots of food for thought and I have too long a list that will take a lot more time. It also helped us jump start a kitchen redo. Won't say it's a reno but sure looks better with new counters -formica and fresh paint tile backsplash and a real actually works range hood! Also am enjoying the landing strip. It stops a lot of clutter at the front door. No party at our house but a super bowl get together at family's place. From out here in Washington state--go Seahawks thanks Janel and AT!

Weekend Chores: Relax & Celebrate! The January Cure Assignment #22
1/31/14 07:55 PM

Am pleasantly surprised how much I am enjoying participating in this. My mother passed away last year and I am trying to integrate her items into our lives and house without losing sight of who we are.i know where I got my sentimental streak from!

bought flowers and put them around in some of my moms beautiful vases. Nice memories.

10 Mindful Minutes: Get a Fresh Perspective January Cure: Assignment #3
1/6/14 09:36 PM