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Geez, this is embarrassing. I made this and do not consider it "art" nor myself an "artist." I would think something labeled DIY with a tutorial would make that obvious. If I was a real artist or could afford a large piece of real art, I would put that up instead. But since that's not the case, I crafted a placeholder until I can get something better. I like how it turned out and thought someone else in a similar situation--without an artistic gift or money-- might like to do something similar. I certainly wasn't trying to belittle artists and I don't think AT was either. I love and respect artists! It's just a DIY craft.

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2/7/14 12:51 PM

I tuck a dryer sheet into a floor register...smells like clean laundry every time the heat or air kicks on.

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1/6/14 01:33 PM