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Color code your boxes so that you can tell at a glance what room they go in. U-haul sells tape in bright colors with room labels (kitchen, living room, Bedroom 1, etc.) You can also do this yourself with large, brightly colored labels.

Smart Tips for People Who Move Frequently
6/11/14 11:23 AM

I use it in my smoothies, since I can't stand the aftertaste of most protein powders. My green smoothie is basically a cup of milk, a cup of greek yogurt, half a banana (frozen), and several handfuls of spinach.

The New Way I'm Using Greek Yogurt in the Kitchen Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
6/10/14 02:42 PM

It's not the push for more seating that is the problem, it's how so much large-scale is crammed into the space with no room to walk. If you had enough butts for all of the seating, no one would be able to move at all.

A smaller sectional (or a couch with end set up as a chaise) would work better, but even this large sectional would work better if the armchair were removed and the coffee table were smaller.

Nellene's Made Memories Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 02:30 PM

Yeah, my shins ache just looking at the pictures. It's not just the living room. It's harder to see in the photos, but if the floor plan is accurate, the bedrooms are stuffed to the gills too.

This feels like someone trying to make the furniture left from a bigger space work until they can replace it with more appropriate furniture.

Nellene's Made Memories Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 02:26 PM

@Devora--I hadn't thought about that aspect of nutritional information, but I see you rpoint. I wonder if it would be possible for the nutrition information to be provided via a link that users can choose to click on if they want the info and others can avoid if they don't.

How Much Do You Want to Talk About Diet and Health at The Kitchn?
6/6/14 02:20 PM

msingerman--what is pseudo science about Health At Every Size? That practice promotes healthy habits for everyone, regardless of whether those habits bring about weight loss. Weight loss is not the same thing as an increase in health, and increases in health happen even if the person's size does not change.

How Much Do You Want to Talk About Diet and Health at The Kitchn?
6/6/14 02:01 PM

I have no problem with articles that cater to people with different styles of eating, but please don't engage in discussions of the "obesity epidemic" or other anti-fat rhetoric that conflates body size and health. And never, ever post a picture of a fat person's body with the head cropped off.

How Much Do You Want to Talk About Diet and Health at The Kitchn?
6/6/14 01:43 PM

The curry pistachios look good, but I would never bring them on the plane. They seem like they would be too messy and too strong-smelling for in-flight food.

12 Delicious Foods You Can Pack for a Flight
6/5/14 09:49 AM

@EngineerChic--I don't think she painted the fridge. It looks the same color to me. She did build a surround for the fridge that goes to the ceiling to match the cabinets. Maybe that's what you're seeing?

Kitchen Before & After: A Custom Cabinet Upgrade For $250 Reader Kitchen Remodel
6/2/14 02:25 PM

Going with a non-traditional time of day is a big one, and can greatly reduce your food costs for the reception.

If you time your wedding so that you aren't near a meal time, you can serve less expensive food. I wanted an evening wedding but couldn't afford dinner catering prices. I had the wedding start late (8:30 PM), and made it clear on the invitation that we were having a "dessert reception." We had wedding cake, groom's cake, and a dessert buffet with fruit, cheese, chocolate covered strawberries, cream-puff swans, and an assortment of tiny tarts and cakes. I didn't hire a caterer. I got all of the desserts from local vendors, rented the serving pieces, and hired a couple of banquet servers that my wedding planner knew to keep the buffet replenished.

Another thing is choosing your venue wisely. There are a lot of places that don't require a lot of decorations to look gorgeous. Also--this takes advanced planning, but a lot of city & state parks have wedding venues that don't cost very much to rent. They usually fill up quickly, so you need to book them about a year in advance.

8 Ways to Spend Less for a Wedding
5/29/14 05:11 PM

The recipe sounds great, but it's much larger and more complex than the breakfast tacos I remember getting in Austin. Breakfast tacos are essentially street food--meant to be eaten by hand on the fly. They are meant to have eggs, cheese, salsa + one other topping (beans OR bacon OR potatoes OR chorizo, etc.), and it should take 2-3 of them to make a full meal (3-4 if you are really hungry or a big, burly guy.) People frequently get different toppings in each taco.

Check out the post from Homesick Texan for an excellent recipe, plus discussion of the differences between "breakfast taco" and "breakfast burrito."

Recipe: Breakfast Tacos Recipes from The Kitchn
5/28/14 02:50 PM

Sinnela--I can't speak to the flavor differences between store-bought and homemade, since I've never made tahini at home. However, I can speak to the flavor differences between a fresh jar of tahini and one that has been around for a while. Making tahini at home might be a good option for people who only use it once and a while. My hummus recipe calls for 1/3 cup of tahini to 2 cups of cooked chickpeas. I haven't found a brand of tahini that I like that comes in less than 12 oz jars, so I end up with a jar of tahini in the cupboard getting old. This recipe doesn't look too difficult, and can ensure that I have fresh-tasting tahini every time I need it and that I'm not throwing away half a jar of the stuff once it goes rancid. Less waste=more cost effective.

How To Make Tahini Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/27/14 11:49 AM

@kirstlambert--clearly the author ment both memorable and mesmerizing. :)

Here’s the Lowdown on Spirulina and Why It Makes a Great Smoothie Add-In Ingredient Intelligence
5/22/14 01:52 PM

That's interesting. I always thought the flavor of Haagen Daaz Lemon Sorbet was fantastic.

Recipe: Lemon Sorbet Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn
5/15/14 05:55 PM

You don't need to remove the old finish. Clean it well to make sure there isn't any greasy dirt in the nooks and crannies, and use a good spray primer. If you need to roughen the surface a bit, steel wool is easier to get into the small spaces than sand paper.

Advice on Refinishing Ornate 1970s Bureau? Good Questions
5/14/14 12:24 PM

@Miller8786--exactly. I would also calculate the cost of moving when deciding if a rent increase is reasonable. I wouldn't go to the expense and hassle of moving over a $10/month increase.

Be a Negotiation Ninja: 5 Ways to Save on Rent (Without Getting a Roommate)
5/13/14 12:57 PM

I can see that there were big improvements in the "after" shots, but the "before" shots aren't very useful. The rooms are messy with stacks of clutter, items all over the floor, and the ironing board covered by a giant duvet (at least I think that's what the large wad of fabric is.) You can't really see the before room, which makes the post less helpful to your readers.

Before & After: Maria's Vintage Glam Room Remix
5/9/14 12:06 PM

That's a great suggestion, and it's a perfect example about how things can cost more for people with severe economic hardships. With the example you listed, someone who can't scrape up $350 at one time pays at least $55 more per month for their transit. (It's probably more than that, since even the $85/month pass is probably less expensive than paying for single or weekly fares. There are a lot of people who couldn't scrape up $85 all at once for transit and end up paying a fare at a time.)

How To Eat Well When You're Low on Cash Budget Living
5/8/14 04:01 PM

I agree with GoodHusbanding. I would also suggest that you avoid foods you really love until you can taste properly again.

I had a similar issue a few years ago when I had a bout of Bell's Palsy. (one of the side effects of partial paralysis on one side of your face, is that half of your tongue is numb. I could barely taste anything, and many tastes were a bit off.) I found that eating familiar foods was frustrating, since they didn't taste right. I started trying things from the deli that I had never had before. Since I had no strong ideas about how those dishes should taste, I wasn't as frustrated.

I Can't Taste Anything! What Foods Should I Eat? Good Questions
5/5/14 03:12 PM

It's brilliant, but I would find a spot off the floor for the cutting board. That's unsanitary, especially with cats in the house.

Kitchen Before & After: A Corner Storage Area Goes Vertical With Dramatic Results
4/30/14 03:07 PM