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Yesterday I did NOTHING. Literally, I laid around either in bed or on the couch all day with a cold, and so the 60-min quick clean didn't get done. But, today I'm feeling better and will spend the hour (or so) tidying up.

My boyfriend and I are hosting a wine and cheese party on Monday (I work in theatre, so Monday works best for most of us) to celebrate the end of the Cure. I've even called it a "House Re-Warming" and waiting until Monday will give me a bit more time to get caught up on some tasks! I'll spend some time today finalizing menu and making a list for the party though, so that when I do go out to run errands this weekend I'll know what is needed. And, while most of the changes are not so visible (kitchen cabinets, bedroom and bathroom closets), I'll still enjoy having friends over in an apartment that I know is cleaner and more organized.

The Last Lap: Gather Some Goodies The January Cure Assignment #21
1/30/14 12:26 PM

I have to work (at work) today, and will come home to a dinner that by BF is cooking for us and another couple. Which means I have to whip my living room back into shape, do a quick vacuum, and make a dessert - this morning! Just finished breakfast and am about to jump in! Nothing like company to get you motivated!

The Assignment We've All Been Waiting For The January Cure: Assignment 18
1/27/14 01:05 PM

I confess I've not read all the comments for this post, but I have to share! I put two cup hooks into the side of my bathroom cabinet (not hanging from the shelf above like they'd be for cups) and hung headbands and hair ties on them!! It's the perfect thing, and gets all that clutter up off the bottom of the shelf where it just takes up room. I'm surprised I haven't seen this on LifeHacks or something similar because it works SO WELL!

Sorry. I just had to share.

Declutter & Organize: Bathroom Cabinets Cleanout The January Cure: Assignment # 15
1/26/14 02:02 AM

The first weekend, when floors were the assignment, I got a good handle on my living room. I could dust shelves (and might do that tomorrow), but frankly I'd rather go have pancakes with my boyfriend and his two boys and to my aunt's birthday party in the evening. With a work commitment in the middle of the day, that doesn't leave much time left for cleaning. I agree with other comments that there are more important things to do than cleaning all the time. I can always catch up later!

On a more positive cleaning note, on Friday I striped all the microfiber couch and chair cushions to wash them - it's the first time I've ever done that - how gross is that?! Since I don't have anywhere to hang them up to dry, I dropped them off at my mom's. I'll get them back on Sunday so until then I've got a sheet over my naked cushions.

I scored a Dyson dc24 for $100 from Craigslist today! I'm actually kind of looking forward to vacuuming now. (I'll also have to get rid of the vacuum I've been using. Another item for the Outbox!)

I'm also using this weekend to play catch up on the kitchen and deal with the general untidiness that has crept in slowly. While baking a birthday cake for my aunt this evening, I cleared off the kitchen counter where clutter has been collecting for two weeks, which was really beginning to drive me crazy.

I'm going at my own pace and doing assignments as they appeal to me and/or are needed. I didn't do anything for the filing or cord assignments (both already under control), but the bathroom cabinet assignment was great!

I'm really looking forward to being done for a while. I'll deal with the rest of my list, but . . . later!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Outbox, Living Room & Lighting January Cure Assignment #17
1/26/14 01:56 AM

I've been doing this in bits and pieces most of the month. And, this weekend I purchased a whole bunch of small pretty bins so I've started incorporating items into them. I'm looking forward to the whole top shelf in the bathroom cabinet organized in bins; it'll be so much easier to get to what I need when I can just pull down a bin instead of getting a step-stool. I might need to label them... Now, I just have to actually DO it. And go through my make-up and products... My boyfriend has to do a site visit this evening, so I'll tackle it then.

I also LOVE the rule of using up all the little bottles of product before getting more. I think I need to institute that rule. And a "spa night"! Fabulous!

Declutter & Organize: Bathroom Cabinets Cleanout The January Cure: Assignment # 15
1/22/14 10:57 PM

I actually have "reorganize closet" on my project list that we made at the beginning of the month! I won't be doing the climbing tasks (windows, fan, etc.) as my knee is recovering, so I'll save those for my BF. But I should be able to make great headway on the closet, and dresser. I'm going to empty (probably shelf by shelf) and really dust the bedroom bookshelf too! And, since I just put clean sheets on the bed yesterday, I'll wait to strip it completely and wash the mattress pad until I do the sheets again.

I'm still behind on the kitchen (anybody else still struggling with that one?) but I am making slow and steady progress. Damn knee.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Bedroom Cleaning & Wardrobe Organizing The January Cure: Assignment # 12
1/17/14 01:03 PM

I worked on my goal project for a bit yesterday, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. I'm not sue it'll actually be done by the end of the month, but I'm motivated to finish soon. The problem with my chosen project (repainting a large triptych for the very empty wall above my bed!) is that I can't actually work on it at home. It's a a theatre where I work, so I try to combine working on it with other things that need to be done there so I'm not making a special trip.

Since my fall last weekend though, I'm still playing catch-up on the kitchen. I might do some of the smaller (but impactful) jobs like polishing the stainless steel backsplash and the outside of the appliances. I'm just not going to climb on anything today!

My outbox is getting full too, so I think I'll take some pictures and put a few items up on Craigslist.

The Halfway Point!: Project Progress The January Cure: Assignment #11
1/16/14 04:58 PM

I'm already 90% there on this one! I have a 3M hook for my purse which I use daily, at the beginning of the month I added small cup hooks to the bottom of the mirror which lives by the door, and bought a shelf to help organize in the kitchen which ended up for shoes! I just need to buy nicer hooks (for the boyfriends bag and some "active" items - visor for walking, his bike helmet, etc.) and screw them to the side of the desk!

The mail ends up living on the end of the (very large built in) desk until I get around to dealing with it, usually within a week unless I'm really busy. And everything else that comes in the apartment gets dealt with right away anyway. Yay!

Now, to the doctors' office to have somebody else look at my knee . . .

The Clutter Filter: Create a Landing Strip January Cure: Assignment 9
1/14/14 01:32 PM

Thanks for the kind words, folks! I did end up re-injuring my bad knee worse than I thought so that stopped my kitchen cleaning in its tracks - literally!

However, I did managed to get some things accomplished including the worse pantry cabinet and overflow into the bedroom closet. Since I had everything out on counters when I fell and needed to put them back just so that I can function in the kitchen again, I bought a shelf for a cabinet and put everything back in better shape than it came out. I just need to acquire a tall, narrow, clear canister for my sugar and I'll have everything back off the counters and put away. Not how I planned this weekend to go, but at least I made some headway.

I also:
- cleaned the fridge (it sparkles!)
- made these bar cookies, but with papaya jam and boysenberry jam (http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2007/12/austrian-raspberry-shortbread/)
- made veggie stock (in an effort to clean the freezer and make space because my stock bag was full and taking up too much room)
- organized canned goods storage (see paragraph above)
- put a number of dishes and such in my outbox

We'll see how much of the rest of the Cure I'm able to do with my knee all messed up.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/13/14 12:11 PM

Well, F$%*! I was starting to tackle my pantry and was wiping down the top shelf and fell taking a step back off the stool. In my fall, I knocked a porcelain storage contain off a shelf and it broke, covering the floor in glass and pasta. I've got some bruises, one that will be pretty ugly, and wrenched my bad knee (but no cuts, so that's something I guess).

So, no more cleaning for the afternoon. I've got ice on my knee, and the glass and pasta swept up. I think I'm just gonna lay here on the couch (and ignore the counters covered in pantry stuff) for a while. Good thing my mom invited me over for dinner tonight!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/11/14 06:06 PM

My kitchen is actually pretty organized, with not too much excess (I think! We shall see what ends up going in the trash or the outbox this weekend.). The one place that needs some major thought is the storage space above the built-in microwave. It is sort of a catch-all for larger items as well as for canned goods. Recently, a shelf in the bedroom closet was conscripted to be an overflow pantry and I'd like to get that back into the kitchen!

I'll also use this weekend to wipe down all cabinets (inside and out - I bought some murphy's oil soap last weekend for the wood cabinet fronts) and really clean the fridge. Maybe I'll do the fridge today so that I can stock up on veggies at the farmers market tomorrow morning and have a clean fridge to put them in.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/10/14 04:30 PM

I didn't make it to the shop to work on my triptych today (it is my chosen project, but I'd like to get started on the next step soon!), but I did pull out all my artwork that ISN'T up on walls. I switched a few around, decided on a new place to hang another one, and picked two pretty black and white photos that I'd taken ages ago to reframe and hang in the bathroom. I like the idea of keeping art that I like and rotating it depending on my whims. There are a few pieces that will stay put, but lots of smaller pictures can move around with each other and/or rotate into and out of the closet. I think I'll even put a couple in my outbox that I know I'm not going to ever want on my walls.

I'm absolutely loving this Cure! This is the first time I've done anything like this and it is so satisfying to check things off of my Project List. It really has me motivated to spiff up my apartment (and keep it that way!)

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display January Cure: Assignment # 6
1/9/14 06:09 PM

The project I decided on yesterday involves finishing and hanging a major piece of art in my bedroom! It is a triptych that I started ages ago and was uninspired with. I got inspiration yesterday, and now I want to get it done (well, re-started, really)! I'll use the assignment today to work on this some more. I might also go through some other artwork that is sitting in my closet (which is a whole other project) and see if anything suits the empty wall in the bathroom . . .

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display January Cure: Assignment # 6
1/9/14 02:31 PM

Okay! I was going to commit to reorganizing the bedroom closet (the hanging sections are fine, but all the shelves need to be rethought), but the stipulation that the project be one we will be proud to share and show off got me to thinking differently.

Over a year ago I started a large triptych for my bedroom (above the bed). It has never gotten finished, and is just collecting dust. My goal is to finish and hang that artwork!

It also helps that I had an inspiration for how to finish it (in other words, what to paint!). I'm thinking I will create an abstracted passion fruit flower, with the purples, greens, whites and yellows that that will entail! Those colors will go perfectly with the rest of my bedroom, passion fruit (lilikoi, here in Hawaii) is one of my favorite fruits, and it has the word "passion" in it which is just kind of cool for the bedroom. I'm excited!

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 10:40 PM

The logical place for my Outbox is under the small table right by the door. But that's where the cat has his absolute favorite cardboard box! I really liked @MegletRamblesOn idea of a storage ottoman. Maybe I can find something for under the table that the cat likes to sit ON (instead of IN). It'll also give a place to put on shoes that isn't the desk chair, serve as part of the landing strip, and provide extra seating when I've got people over. Now I just have to find one...

In the meantime though, I've got a few old make-up bags to donate tucked in a corner by the door under my reusable shopping bags. Just last week I purged two large bags of stuff from my closet, but there is more to go!

A Simple Step to Success: Set Up an Outbox January Cure: Assignment #4
1/7/14 07:10 PM

It was wonderful to wake up, walk across clean floors, and look at the flowers on the coffee table in the living room! I did finish my floors, but I'm borrowing a steam cleaner from a friend to really clean the carpet in the bedroom. Does anyone have recommendations for alternatives to the expensive shampoo that comes with the cleaner (its a Bissell, if that matters)? Something green and cheap would be great!

As for today's assignment, I really only have two rooms: living room/office, and bedroom. Yes, I've got a kitchen too (it's between the other two rooms), but nearly everything in the kitchen is built in cabinets and appliances, so there isn't much room for change. I know my bedroom closet needs work; does staring at the closet count?

This is my first time doing the JC and so far I'm loving it! It has already made me look at my small space (564 sq. ft.) that I thought was good and see things that need to be fixed/improved/changed!

10 Mindful Minutes: Get a Fresh Perspective January Cure: Assignment #3
1/6/14 01:18 PM

Done! Floors, Flowers, and some cleaners (mostly an assessment of what I've already got), and I put away the Christmas stuff too. My place already feels better! Now, granted, I only have a one bedroom apartment so there isn't too much floor to clean. But I got my boyfriend to help move the couch in the living room, and I'm gonna borrow a steam cleaner for the bedroom carpet from a friend this evening and really get things clean this coming week. I peeked ahead on the schedule and I'll have time to do that along with the rest of the tasks, no problem!

Because of my smaller space, I wasn't sure I "needed" to do the January Cure at all since I do like my place so much. But then I started making a list and discovered many things (mostly small, but some big!) than I'd stopped seeing a problems. So, I'm diving in.

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/5/14 08:31 PM