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#firstworldproblems anyone?

I find that "window shopping" has a lot of the same effect for me, dopamine-wise, as actual shopping does...even at our nemisis Target. I never buy anything at full price there, so it's the sales that kill me, but even then I am a starer rather than a buyer. I do hate to admit how much doing so relaxes me or gives me a certain version of "high", but I've gotten to the point where if something doesn't fit PERFECTLY, I wouldn't buy it at full price, and I can't wear it to work AND somewhere else, I can't even consider it. So few things meet one, let alone all three of those requirements, that mostly I just thumb through sale racks.

I *do* keep a running list of things I need, on my phone (actually several in different catagories), which I find helps me from making impulse buys. Not because I am always in need/buying things, but because often I really do need a couple of specific things, but will mindlessly buy other things even when I have the opportunity fill these voids (it tends to have essentials on it, like wardrobe staples I've ruined or lost, etc). For instance if I know I need black tights and a cardigan, why am I looking at dresses? THEY'RE NOT ON THE LIST. There's always *something* on it, but that's because one can go for months without the "essential" of black tights. Untrue of TP. Or a plunger, in some cases.

It's the Little Things:
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